When booking a vacation getaway to Moab, you are probably looking for all kinds of fun and exciting activities to help you explore the area. Moab is a huge and beautiful outdoor playground, and if it’s your first time visiting, it might be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of our favorite tours available in the area. Each tour offers professional services so you can get the most out of your stay. Take a look at the top tours in Moab:

Moab Tour Company

It is time to go off-road when you vacation to Moab. The desert setting is the perfect place to take a thrilling off-roading adventure. Moab Tour Company is a locally owned and operated tour company that provides thrilling UTV and RZR tours. Their 15 years of experience will provide you with an incredible adventure as you explore the hills of Moab. Each UTV is ready to take on the dirt roads while keeping you safe. Guided tours provide a side-by-side adventure where a tour guide will show you where to go while you get to drive your own UTV. You can also book a UTV tour where you ride along with the guide, so you don’t have to worry about driving. Each tour operates on a level system—1 being the easiest and 3 being the most difficult, with prior experience recommended. You can choose from a variety of outdoor settings to explore including Poison Spider Trail, Hurrah Pass, and Hells Revenge. You can even book the time for a sunset UTV tour or have it during the day. Each tour is approximately 2.5 hours in length. If you want to do some exploring on your own, you can easily rent all kinds of vehicles from Moab Tour Company. Choose from a variety of UTVs, RZRs, and even dirt bikes. They will show you how to operate each piece of equipment before you leave. If this sounds like a thrilling experience, make sure you book a tour with them today by calling 435-259-4080.

High Point Hummer and ATV Tours and Rentals

Not all outdoor adventures can be done on a UTV or RZR. When that is the case, look no further than High Point Hummer and ATV Tours and Rentals for all your tour needs. This local tour company knows how to have fun and is looking to help you explore the Moab outback. Their most popular option is their Hummer tours that will take you off-road while having plenty of interior space in which to relax. Stand in the back or roll down the windows and take in the fresh air. These are not your typical Hummers either, as they can fit an entire tour group in one vehicle. Choose your tour options from 2-hour adventures up to 4-hour adventures. Shaded canopies will keep you shaded during the sunny Moab days of summer. High Point also makes sure to provide of UTV tour options too; each tour package includes all required safety gear, light snacks, and water. What sets High Point apart from other tour options here in Moab is there unique Vanderhall rental options. These three-wheel vehicles are a moving work of art that are perfect for those who want to explore the national park. The open canopy makes it easy to take in the sights as the air rushes through your hair. Rent one of these luxury vehicles by the half day, full day, or full 24-hour periods. Book your tour or Vanderhall rental by calling 877-486-6833.

Dan Mick’s Guided Tours

Not but certainly not least is Dan Mick’s Guided Tours right here in Moab. This local tour company is a highly rated tour option that will take you on a thrilling Jeep tour. These luxury vehicles will keep you comfortable as your tour guide takes on rocky terrain such as Hells Revenge. Your tour guide will tell you historic facts and stories of the Moab area including settlers who first tamed the wild land that Moab is located on. Each tour option is reserved by the vehicle for up to 3 passengers making it easy to book. Your Jeep tour options include sunset, morning, afternoon, and full day options. There is nothing better than exploring the Moab countryside than from the comfort of a luxury Jeep. Book your tour today with Dan Mick’s Guided Tours by calling 435-259-4567.

More to See in Moab

As you can see, there are plenty of incredible tour options right here in Moab. Book one of these top tour companies in the area for the best experience possible. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable every night during your stay.