There is nothing spookier than spending a vacation getaway around Halloween in the desert. You can do exactly that and so much more when you vacation over to Moab. The fall season is one of our favorites right here in Utah where many of the activities year-round can still be accessible. In addition, you will find that Moab has a few different Halloween events exclusive to the holiday. Moab is a perfect vacation destination for Halloween for all ages. Take a look at some upcoming Halloween events you can find in Moab this year:

Madness in Moab

Not all Halloween events in the area have to be all about spooky thrills. Moab is known for its variety of outdoor fun and excitement here in the desert. Its beautiful desert scenery makes it a popular destination for long distance runners who can take in the views as they set a new personal record. This Halloween the Madness in Moab will be taking place in the Red Rocks. This multi-race event features a variety of races including 7-mile, 14-mile, and 2- and 4-person relay events. This event is perfect for any long-distance runners who want to start their Halloween event by burning some calories before getting into the candy and drinks later that evening. Madness in Moab will take place starting at 7:00 AM on October 30th and will run through the 31st. Registration can be made online through the event sponsor.

Moab Craggin’ Classic

Another special event taking place in Moab around Halloween is the Moab Craggin’ Classic. As mentioned, Moab is an outdoor sporting playground that features plenty to do. One popular activity in the local Red Rocks is rock climbing. You can learn even more about the rock climbing community and finding some other rock climbing enthusiasts to hike with by visiting the Moab Craggin’ Classic. This climbing festival has everything from local vendors to other climbing enthusiasts on hand to celebrate all things rock climbing. It is a perfect way to meet others with a similar hobby and join in on any public rocking climbing expeditions. This year’s Moab Craggin’ Classic will take place on Friday October 29th from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM for a night of fun and excitement.

Explore the National Parks in Moab

You will find that Moab is home to all kinds of outdoor fun especially during the fall season. One of the best ways to enjoy your Halloween journey is by exploring the nearby national parks. This includes the Arches National Park that features the iconic Arch. The views of the Arch are absolutely incredible and can be seen from the many trails in the area. Canyonlands National Park is another great nearby park with just as many trails for you to explore. The fall season around Halloween is the perfect time to explore these parks as the temperatures start to dip and there are less crowds. You may find yourself alone on the trail taking in the beauty with it being perfectly quiet.

Go Mountain Biking

Another great way to see and explore the vast desert surrounding Moab is by mountain biking around. Moab is known for having countless travelers from all over the world come to explore the rugged trails. Whether you are a beginner rider or advanced you will find a trail for you. We recommend heading over to Bar-M Loop, a beginner trail that is open daily throughout the year and splits off into more advanced trails. This is great for groups who want to ride together but may need a break to go off on their own. Main Street in Downtown Moab has plenty of bike shops that offer hourly and daily rentals on mountain bikes.

Go Kayaking or Rafting

The weather will still be warmer than what you are used to back home around Halloween here in Moab. Take advantage of the warmer temps and head over to the Colorado or Green Rivers. These two rivers have made the local landscape what it is with their winding flows. Visitors around Halloween may be able to catch one of the last rafting trips on either river if they schedule their vacation a little early. If not, local shops in towns have plenty of kayaks to rent out so you can explore on your own. Paddling down the rivers will help you take in some spectacular views of petroglyphs, the red rocks, and all of the unique wildlife in the area.

Halloween Done Right in Moab

While we may not offer any of your standard Halloween events in Moab, you can still have a spooky time by visiting around the holiday. Prepare for your trip today by reserving one of our vacation rentals to keep you comfortable throughout your stay.