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About your reservation

  • Are your homes pet-friendly?

    Some of our homes are indeed pet-friendly, please know that we do require a pet fee. Please indicate that you will be bringing a pet upon booking.

  • I have special requirements, can you accommodate them?

    We always try to accommodate our guests’ needs when at all possible. Please contact us with the details, and we’ll see if we can help.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Our cancelation policy changes from time to time. Please contact us via email, SMS or live chat to know about our cancelation policy.

  • I just made a booking. What now?

    Awesome! Now that you've made a reservation, Please check your email (the one connected to the channel you used upon making a booking) for the rental agreement.

  • What's a rental agreement?

    We are a professional Property Management company and we require a separate rental agreement for each of our vacation homes. Our policies are aligned with Airbnb like cancellation, changes, and such. Other than that, we have house rules that we need a guest to be aware of and agree with. This is to ensure both parties will have a great and worry-free experience.

  • Why do I need to sign one?

    The rental agreement contains important information about your stay. After signing, your door code will be generated in our system.

  • I received my Check-in email but the door code isn't there.

    Not to worry! This just means your door code will most probably change before your check-in date. We send out door code reminders on the morning of your check-in.

During your stay

  • We've used up the propane

    We got you covered! Please let us know immediately so we can send a refill as soon as possible. Send us a live chat or text for faster response.

  • When is trash day?

    We have different trash days for each home locations. Please check your check-in email to know when is the trash day for your stay.

  • Can we make a special request?

    Please let us know immediately so we can check for the possibility of your request. Send us a live chat or text for faster response.

  • How do I use the TV?

    There's usually 2 remotes. One for the TV and one for the TV box. Please send us a text or message so we can assist you real time.

General Questions

  • Do we manage all the units in the Entrada complex?

    No, we manage 20 of the units. Since we have full time residents and others are managed by other companies.