About Us

We Craft Unforgettable Guest Experiences.
What do you look for when renting a vacation home?
For us, the answer to that question is: an unforgettable experience. And that’s what we focus on delivering to our guests.

At Empty Spaces we run high-end luxury vacation homes where you can live out the vacation of your dreams. Our philosophy is simple: we provide top of the line homes that actually look just like in the pictures, and guest service that will make you feel cared for.

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Owner? Let Us Make Your Vacation
Rental Home A Success

We believe our commitment to guest service sets our homes apart.

So far, the facts have proven us right: our guests tell us they had the time of their life. And as a result of this and of our marketing expertise, our homes consistently sit at the top 2% of their market.

Our founders Scott and Sarah Howard have been renting their own vacation homes since 1997. In 2011, Empty Spaces, VRM was born to expand on their expertise, and today we manage homes in three states: Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

We focus on a limited number of high-end properties, applying our fine-tuned processes to every step of management. That’s how we maximize results for ourselves and our partners.

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