Lake Havasu is one of the country’s top vacation spots, making it the ideal place to gather with your family and friends this year. Whether it’s your first Lake Havasu vacation or you’ve visited the area many times before, there’s always something new to discover. Today we’re going to share our top tips for a vacation in Lake Havasu to help you plan the perfect trip with your loved ones this year.


Discover Our Lake Havasu City Vacation Rental Homes

One of the best accommodation options for a Lake Havasu vacation is a vacation rental home. There are so many advantages of staying in one of our Lake Havasu City Vacation rentals, including having much more space than you would in a typical vacation hotel or resort in the area. You’ll be able to spread out across multiple bedrooms and rooms, making them a good option for large family trips. Our vacation rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, and when you browse through our site, you’ll find the perfect option for your vacation in Lake Havasu. Make sure you read previous reviews before booking any vacation home so you know exactly what to expect on your upcoming trip.


Choose When to Visit Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu has something to offer vacationers throughout the year. Keep in mind that the summer months can be very hot here, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when traveling with children and teens. If you have some flexibility with your dates, we recommend looking at May or September, which are two of the most pleasant times of the year to visit. At this time of the year, both flights and Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes are more affordable, as you won’t be competing with the summer crowds. Try to book your vacation in Lake Havasu as early as possible so that you don’t miss out on the perfect vacation rental for your needs.


Book Your Trip Well in Advance

We highly recommend booking a Lake Havasu vacation as far in advance as you can, as this type of trip requires a fair amount of planning. There are some restrictions when it comes to visiting Havasu Falls, and you’ll want to reserve a permit if you are planning to hike into the canyon here. These are often booked up months in advance during peak times, so make sure you plan in advance if this is something you are desperate to do on your trip. You’ll also want to ensure you are safely set up for a successful hike with the proper hiking or camping gear. In the summer, the weather can be very difficult for hiking, with both storms and hot weather. Keep this in mind if you aren’t an experienced hiker, as this could be very risky for your health and wellbeing.


A Vacation Destination for All Ages

One of the things we notice about Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes is that they attract visitors of all ages. However, you’ll find that at certain times of the year, there are different mixes of ages in the area. The winter months primarily attract the snowbirds, whereas the weekends and summer months see a lot more families and younger travelers. The weekends are always a lot busier than during the week, but whenever you plan your Lake Havasu vacation, we know you’ll have a great time.


Prepare for the Hot Summer Weather

A Lake Havasu vacation in the summer months is a popular option for locals and those from further away, but at this time of the year, you’ll need to think carefully about the clothing and accessories you pack. The weather is notoriously hot during the summer, so look for Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes with a pool. This will offer you a chance to cool down after a busy morning outdoors, as the afternoons are often too hot to be out and about. Also, prepare for flash floods and monsoons, which may make some of your outdoor plans impossible. As with any trip, try to go with the flow as much as possible so that you can enjoy yourself no matter what happens.


Enjoy Active Adventures for the Whole Family

A Lake Havasu vacation is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend more time outdoors. The past two years have been incredibly challenging for many of us, which is why this is the ideal trip for 2022. Enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, scuba diving, and much more in the local area, all of which you can find options to suit both beginners to more advanced individuals. You can enjoy courses and lessons for these activities, which will help you to learn a new skill during your vacation. London Bridge is somewhere you can’t miss on any trip here as well, so make sure you factor in some time for sightseeing on your vacation in Lake Havasu.


There’s so much to see and do on a Lake Havasu vacation, which is why we recommend planning ahead of time as much as possible. As far as your accommodation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. We always believe Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes are the best option for a trip here, as they’ll offer you more space to spread out and relax during your vacation. No matter what type of trip you are planning, you’ll find an option on our site to fit your needs. If you need any further assistance planning your next stay in Lake Havasu, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have to ensure you have the perfect time with your family in one of our favorite places in the world.