We are not going to lie to you, summer and fall in the desert can get a bit toasty, and when you are planning a seasonal getaway to Moab, chances are you will find yourself seeking sources of water. As to be expected, we advise that you keep hydrated during your stay, but we also invite you to spend some quality time playing in the H2O with a visit to the Moab Aquatic Center! Located at 374 Park Avenue, this indoor/outdoor water recreation area is the best place to cool off and let loose any frustrations you may have. It’s difficult to stay in a bad mood when you make a giant splash as you cannonball into the cool blue waters of the aquatic center!

With the Mountains Standing Guard

As the sun shines brightly on happy vacationers and local residents, the outdoor section of the Moab Aquatic Center is where most of the action lies! Surrounded by white tables with blue umbrellas (allowing dad and mom to keep their skin safe from the sun), the outdoor lap pool offers three lanes for competitive fun, while the zero entry pool is where your littles will want to play! A current channel is right next to the lap pool, as is a bubble pool, which, for those who are curious, is simply a pool with jets similar to a hot tub but without the heat. An island in the center features slides built into red rock that imitates the mountains that surround the space, giving the younger kids a safe place to show off their daredevil sides! Water tumbling off the sides offers a waterfall effect. Also surrounding the pools, white loungers are provided to let kids rest and parents catch some rays as they take in the beauty of the pool and the breathtaking landscape beyond.

Moab Aquatic Center is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are open every other day from 11 AM until 6 PM, except on Sundays when they close at 5 PM.

All Seasons, No Excuses At The Moab Aquatic Center

Of course, if you are visiting in the winter, you may be surprised to discover that pool time is still very much an option, thanks to the huge inside portion of this super exciting center which is home to a six-lane competition pool featuring two diving boards and an 18-foot slide made even more fun with Tarzan yells as you circle round and round, entering the water with a big splash! When you feel like taking the leap, brave souls can choose between the 1-meter and 3-meter diving boards, practicing their dives as they cleanly enter the water. We at Empty Spaces, however, will stick to the sides of the pools and our cannonball jumps that make a big splash. More white tables at the side of the pool give parents and kids breathing room and a chance to stare out the windows; the Moab scenery is always worth a second look! And because not everyone is into water activities, free Wi-Fi means you can pop on your headset and listen to your favorite podcast while the rest of the family splashes around!

Traveling with a Group?

There are lots of reasons for visiting the red rocks of Moab, including honeymoons, birthday celebrations, and family reunions. If you are traveling with a large group and want a special place to party, the Moab Aquatic Center rents out all three of their pools for special occasions. Costing $100 per hour for the indoor pool and $50 per hour for the outdoor pools, enjoying a day at the pool has never been as fun as it will be when shared with family and friends! A small retail section allows guests to purchase items they may have forgotten; goggles, caps, even plastic pants for the youngsters that may still be in diapers are available to buy.

While You’re Here

Maybe you’ve eaten a little too much of our rich and spicy food and are feeling your clothes tighten, or maybe you’re just the type of person who doesn’t feel right unless they have performed their morning workout. Whatever your reasons, the 2400-square-foot fitness center that is a part of the Moab Aquatic Center has everything you need to keep away your fear of the scale! Offering free weights and cardio machines, this state-of-the-art center promises to be almost as fun as the pools.

Enjoy Your Moab Vacation

At the end of a day filled with fun at the Moab Aquatic Center, heading home to the luxurious comfort of your Empty Spaces vacation escape will be the highlight of your day. The Aquatic Center is just two blocks from our rentals at Entrada, and some units even come with free bikes that you can use to get there. Contact us today and we’ll help you book one of these convenient properties!