Although none of us pictured 2020 turning out the way it has, there are some benefits to this new normal with which we are dealing. We get to spend more time with our children and less time dealing with traffic, and many of us have begun to use this time out to organize our homes and learn new recipes. Working without pants, not having to deal with office politics, and learning to really appreciate teachers are some other benefits, but we’re betting you haven’t even given the best benefit of all a fleeting thought! As travel restrictions are lifting, our desire to travel grows, and even though you may have to work and your children may have school, there’s no reason the home you have to work from has to be your own; free internet in our Moab, Utah rental homes may be just the incentive you need to spread your wings and fly, and this guide to discovering the joys of a working vacation will ensure you can do it all. And because many of our properties are available at a discounted price during the month of August, it really is the perfect time to come stay with us and travel to Moab!

All the Comforts of Home When You Travel to Moab

As you start to explore all that your Empty Spaces vacation escape has to offer, you may start wondering why you didn’t think of this sooner! Offering beds so comfortable you will wake every morning feeling refreshed and rested, plush furnishings, and views of the unique beauty of the Utah desert that will take your breath away, your work day is about to be one you look forward to once again. Start out by claiming your space, but don’t be surprised if you have to fight for the right to work in some of the more beautiful spots; with a spouse and children working or schooling from “home,” everyone will want the best seat in the house. Fortunately, there will be plenty of options from which you can choose, including the breakfast bar that is closest to the coffee pot, the dining room table that offers plenty of space to spread out your papers, and a the balcony that offers incredible views! Holding Zoom meetings by the pool will give you a clear look at the expressions of envy found on your coworkers faces, and when your children’s teachers discover the location of their home schooled students, don’t be surprised if they come up with a special assignment involving the history of the area!

When the lunch bell rings, you and your family have the choice of heading to one of the nearby restaurants for takeout, or you can order contact-free delivery from any of the restaurants in the area; a local guide will be provided in your unit to help you decide what to eat. The afternoons will go by quickly as you finish up reports, take meetings by phone and by Zoom, and clear up all the little details involved with work and school. Before long, the evening will arrive, and just as children are anxious to escape their schools at the end of every day, you will find yourself watching the hands on the clock slowly move around the face until at last, you too are free to explore Moab!

Free for Fun

Whether it’s a few hours at the end of every workday or the entire weekend that spreads out before you, now is when the real fun begins! Whether you’re watching the sunset over the mountains on a quiet evening at home or spending a few hours exploring the beauty of Arches National Park, this vacation promises to bring new adventures around every turn. Hop in the car and drive to some of the beautiful attractions nearby, including Devil’s Garden, which is located a little north of the Landscape Arch. Trout fishing in the lakes and streams found in the La Sal Mountains, playing in Swanny City Park with your children, and taking a scenic drive along the Upper Colorado Scenic Byway on U-128 are more adventures you won’t want to miss. Unlike many big cities, Moab is designed to be explored while maintaining a safe social distance, making it the perfect place for a getaway at this time!

Returning to Your Workspace

When it’s time to come back to your work from home space, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the experience, knowing that the luxury and comfort you’ll find in your Empty Spaces vacation escape will make these workdays fun and exciting! After the last few months of 2020, don’t you think it’s time to spoil yourself a little and Travel to Utah? We definitely think so, and can’t wait to see you enjoying your Utah getaway with us!