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There is nothing spookier than spending a vacation getaway around Halloween in the desert. You can do exactly that and so much more when you vacation over to Moab. The fall season is one of our favorites right here in Utah where many of the activities year-round can still be accessible. In addition, you will find that Moab has a few different Halloween events exclusive to the holiday. Moab is a perfect vacation destination for Halloween for all ages. Take a look at some upcoming Halloween events you can find in Moab this year:

Madness in Moab

Not all Halloween events in the area have to be all about spooky thrills. Moab is known for its variety of outdoor fun and excitement here in the desert. Its beautiful desert scenery makes it a popular destination for long distance runners who can take in the views as they set a new personal record. This Halloween the Madness in Moab will be taking place in the Red Rocks. This multi-race event features a variety of races including 7-mile, 14-mile, and 2- and 4-person relay events. This event is perfect for any long-distance runners who want to start their Halloween event by burning some calories before getting into the candy and drinks later that evening. Madness in Moab will take place starting at 7:00 AM on October 30th and will run through the 31st. Registration can be made online through the event sponsor.

Moab Craggin’ Classic

Another special event taking place in Moab around Halloween is the Moab Craggin’ Classic. As mentioned, Moab is an outdoor sporting playground that features plenty to do. One popular activity in the local Red Rocks is rock climbing. You can learn even more about the rock climbing community and finding some other rock climbing enthusiasts to hike with by visiting the Moab Craggin’ Classic. This climbing festival has everything from local vendors to other climbing enthusiasts on hand to celebrate all things rock climbing. It is a perfect way to meet others with a similar hobby and join in on any public rocking climbing expeditions. This year’s Moab Craggin’ Classic will take place on Friday October 29th from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM for a night of fun and excitement.

Explore the National Parks in Moab

You will find that Moab is home to all kinds of outdoor fun especially during the fall season. One of the best ways to enjoy your Halloween journey is by exploring the nearby national parks. This includes the Arches National Park that features the iconic Arch. The views of the Arch are absolutely incredible and can be seen from the many trails in the area. Canyonlands National Park is another great nearby park with just as many trails for you to explore. The fall season around Halloween is the perfect time to explore these parks as the temperatures start to dip and there are less crowds. You may find yourself alone on the trail taking in the beauty with it being perfectly quiet.

Go Mountain Biking

Another great way to see and explore the vast desert surrounding Moab is by mountain biking around. Moab is known for having countless travelers from all over the world come to explore the rugged trails. Whether you are a beginner rider or advanced you will find a trail for you. We recommend heading over to Bar-M Loop, a beginner trail that is open daily throughout the year and splits off into more advanced trails. This is great for groups who want to ride together but may need a break to go off on their own. Main Street in Downtown Moab has plenty of bike shops that offer hourly and daily rentals on mountain bikes.

Go Kayaking or Rafting

The weather will still be warmer than what you are used to back home around Halloween here in Moab. Take advantage of the warmer temps and head over to the Colorado or Green Rivers. These two rivers have made the local landscape what it is with their winding flows. Visitors around Halloween may be able to catch one of the last rafting trips on either river if they schedule their vacation a little early. If not, local shops in towns have plenty of kayaks to rent out so you can explore on your own. Paddling down the rivers will help you take in some spectacular views of petroglyphs, the red rocks, and all of the unique wildlife in the area.

Halloween Done Right in Moab

While we may not offer any of your standard Halloween events in Moab, you can still have a spooky time by visiting around the holiday. Prepare for your trip today by reserving one of our vacation rentals to keep you comfortable throughout your stay.

Regardless of when you come to explore the outdoor playground of Moab, you will find an incredible adventure waiting for you. Utah has been heating up this summer season, but luckily autumn is just around the corner. With it comes cooler temperatures and a slower travel season, this is the perfect time to see Moab for the first time. All of the incredible outdoor activities are still available, and the weather lets you stay comfortable for longer outside. Take a look at some of our favorite fall activities that are available only in Moab:

Go Mountain Biking

One of the best ways to get out and explore the wonderful scenery in Moab is by renting a mountain bike. Moab features endless miles of biking trails that take you around much of the backcountry. While some locations may cater to the more experienced biking crowd Moab’s trail system has something for everyone. One of the best places to start out at is Bar-M Loop. This scenic trail is available to ride all year long and offers beginner level trails to dive into. There is also plenty of advanced trail access points that are directly connected to Bar-M Loop. The terrain has no limits when you get around Moab by mountain bike.

Go Horseback Riding

Another exciting way to see the great outdoors here up in Moab is by joining a horseback riding expedition. You can get off the beaten path and feel like a real-life cowboy with this thrilling experience. Horseback riding lets you traverse sandstone vistas and open range trails. Most horseback riding tours offered in the city are approximately 90 minutes in length and can be up to half day adventures. Each tour will make sure you learn the ropes and feel comfortable on your horse before you take off. The temperatures have been known to fluctuate in the fall out on the open trails so make sure you bring a few layers just in case. You will not look out at our beautiful desert scenery the same way ever again!

Visit the National Parks

Moab is home to two different national parks that are extremely easy to get to. Each of the parks is open all year long allowing you to enjoy them during the cooler fall months. The first park is Arches National Park that is named after its famous arches. There are plenty of trails to hike around including the trail that leads to Delicate Arch. The second park is Canyonlands, where stunning canyons sweep the landscape. You will also find plenty of unique trails that surround the area giving you plenty of room to yourself. Cooler weather and smaller crowds make the fall season the perfect time to check out these parks for the first time!

Bring Your Pup to Dead Horse Point State Park

Don’t forget to bring your friendly canine companion along to Moab for your fall getaway. There are plenty of areas where dogs are welcome to join in on the fun. One area that is incredible to see where your pup can join along is Dead Horse Point State Park. Do not let the ominous name scare you away from this beautiful canyon rim. Dead Horse Point is actually a high plateau that overlooks the area for sweeping views. The trails are open for leashed pups to walk along beside you for a family friendly journey. It’s becoming harder and harder to see the starry night sky in cities. Dead Horse Point State Park turns into the International Dark Sky Park at night; the name comes from the incredible starry sky that will be above you. There are regularly scheduled full moon hikes that let you explore the park under the full moon light. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather for any last-minute cancellations!

Explore the Local Rivers

Another great aspect of Moab is that it is home to the Colorado and Green Rivers. These winding rivers have helped shape the Moab region to what they are today. Rafting trips are a popular activity during the warm summer season as the cold water helps keep you cool and offers a thrilling ride. However, the fall season is a great time to check out the rafting trips too as the rivers have mellowed out and offer a calmer experience. These slower waters let you take in the beautify of the wildlife and red rocks a lot longer than what the summer trips can provide you.

Moab Is Waiting This Fall

There is no time like the present to start planning for your upcoming fall getaway to Moab. Enjoy each of these activities that are even better in the fall season. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to the action throughout your stay.

When it’s time to make the most of a great getaway opportunity, some travelers can’t imagine a trip without plenty of sugar-white beaches, emerald waves, and shoreline adventures involved. Others are more drawn to the mountains when it’s time to rest and relax. Still, others find their best vacation self comes out when they’re headed somewhere dominated by beautiful desert landscapes and options to get out and explore red rocks and canyons in abundance. If the latter sounds like you, planning a trip to mesmerizing Moab in the summer or fall is bound to be the best choice you’ll make all year! 

Moab is a vacation destination of majestic proportions situated in eastern Utah that still finds a way to retain its welcoming charm. As a gateway to some of the nation’s most enchanting National and State Parks, Moab is endlessly alluring to those who have a heart for outdoor adventure and adrenaline-pumping fun. Still, its scenic surroundings, collection of savory restaurants, and boutique shops make it a destination just as well suited to travelers who are looking to enjoy a getaway at a more leisurely pace. 

No matter how you spend your time in Moab this summer or fall, making the experience begins with creating a comprehensive itinerary that takes every amazing destination into account! The following are a few stops, activities, and attractions that are sure to elevate your summer or fall escape from a great time to an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back to Moab for more in the future! 

Things to Do While You’re Here: From Pristine Parks to Thrilling Bike Trails

It’s hard to imagine a trip to beautiful Moab without some well-deserved time set aside to explore and experience iconic Arches National Park. While summer is a season that brings travelers this way in droves, those who book a fall getaway will likely find this appealing park to be a bit less crowded if that’s the goal. Either way, it’s a place that showcases some of nature’s very best work and isn’t to be missed no matter when you arrive in town. 

Fall in Moab

Arches National Park sits just north of Moab’s city center and is bordered by the Colorado River to the southeast. Since its establishment as a National Park in 1929, Arches has been captivating visitors and locals alike with its one-of-a-kind collection of over 2,000 natural sandstone arches it hosts! Experiencing these arches up close is an amazing experience whether you’re in the park to admire the view or can’t wait to capture it all on camera. While Balanced Rock and Delicate Arch are just a few of the many memorable formations to be found here, a day spent in Arches National Park on the trails is sure to inspire discoveries of all types.  

For all of the splendor that a stop at Arches National Park promises to provide, a trip to Moab in the summer or fall should also include time spent at Canyonlands National Park. A bit further from Moab, this intriguing destination offers a captivating collection of canyons to explore and observe, much as the name indicates. Featuring a dramatic desert landscape, Canyonlands is not a National Park that one could ever hope to see in a single day. It’s actually a collection of four distinct areas to explore and discover, each of which features its own collection of natural wonder and could take an extensive amount of time to enjoy thoroughly! This makes Canyonlands a place that’s worth returning to and a destination that offers up endless intrigue for those with a passion for pursuing time in nature. The park enjoys a maze of trails to be discovered and if you’re looking for added insight, consider booking a ranger-led tour through one of the main districts while you’re in the area.   

A third, and just as exciting stop to experience while you’re in Moab is Dead Horse Point State Park. This captivating destination is known for hosting some of the most scenic views the region has to offer up thanks to the many 2,000-foot vertical cliffs and canyons that make up the thrilling landscape. Hiking and biking trails abound at Dead Horse Point State Park which is a mere 32-miles from central Moab and wonderfully convenient to get to. 

While all of the national and state parks that adorn Moab’s landscape come with some inviting bike trails to take to, those that can’t wait to explore on two wheels at thrilling speeds will want to make Slickrock Bike Trail a top activity on their itinerary while they’re in town. This popular mountain biking destination is not for the faint of heart and is generally reserved for experienced mountain bikers looking to push their limits. At 10.5 miles in length, a trip along Slickrock takes cyclists past petrified sand dunes, over ancient sea beds, and across some truly unforgiving, yet undeniably beautiful terrain.  

Museums to Explore

While outdoor adventure is definitely a highlight during the summer or fall in Moab when the temperatures rise this time of year and you could use some time out of the sun to restore, heading to a museum is always a good option. Make your way to the Moab Museum at 118 E. Center Street Tuesday through Saturday any time between noon and 8:00 pm when you’re looking to pair an engaging experience with some regional education as well. This museum hosts a variety of displays and exhibits that highlight the area’s unique geology as well as its rich mining and pioneering past. In prehistoric times, dinosaurs roamed the landscape that now makes up Moab, so you won’t want to miss the exhibits that speak to the efforts in paleontology that are ongoing and work to discover more about the amazing creatures that once called Moab home. 

Once you’ve taken time to make your way through the Moab Museum, a stop at the Moab Information Center is in order. Situated at 25 E. Center Street, the Moab Information Center offers up a wealth of information related to local landmarks, activities, and events. The on-site staff is more than willing to answer questions, help you plan that ideal Moab adventure, or simply provide you with the trail maps you’ll need to make the most of the journey. Either way, it’s a place worth checking out when you want to get to know your vacation destination a little better. 

Tours to Take

For adrenaline-seeking travelers, Moab is a destination where you don’t have to look far to find heart-pounding adventures. A great way to experience the best of Moab’s dynamic landscape when you’re new to the area is to book an amazing adventure tour. For many visitors during fall and summer in Moab, a trip isn’t complete without a Hell’s Revenge 4×4 off-roading excursion that’s sure to be one of the most memorable moments of the trip. Over the course of 2.5 hours, a Hell’s Revenge off-road tour gives participants a chance to zoom over sandstone domes and Slickrock ledges that are truly breathtaking and best maneuvered by the professionals. Each UTV is generally able to seat up to four passengers at a time and some of the highlight sightseeing stops along the way include Abyss Canyon, the La Sal Mountains, and the mighty Colorado River.

Summer in Moab

For even more in the way of guided Moab tours and adventures, be sure to partner up with the outdoor recreation enthusiasts at Barlow Adventures. Headquartered at 284 N. Main Street, Barlow Adventures offers up options to enjoy guided Jeep tours that take you on a customized route past those Moab icons you can’t wait to see or can just as easily focus on the beautiful and thrilling Rubicon Trail.  

Family Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to summer and fall family fun in Moab, booking a few excursions through the Moab Adventure Center makes planning easy and the experience one-of-a-kind. Reserving your family’s place on a river rafting adventure with this company is a great way to experience the landscape in style and create memories everyone is sure to cherish long after you’ve returned home. These guided rafting trips can be booked as half or full-day experiences and can even include scenic stops to enjoy a BBQ lunch before hitting the rapids once more! 

Guided climbs with the Moab Adventure Center are also great family-focused excursions that allow everyone to learn new skills side by side in a setting that’s unbelievably beautiful. Climbing guides can customize excursions to meet varying skill levels and will cover the basics before you ever head out into the Moab scenery. 

Restaurants to Enjoy

Yes, a trip to Moab is bound to be filled with time in the great outdoors but for all of the energy spent exploring and discovering this amazing vacation destination, Moab is just as exciting when it comes to culinary adventures to be enjoyed! Travelers that head to Moab will find a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars waiting to be savored, but there are always a few that stand out from the rest. When you’re in town and find yourself craving Southwest American fare in a setting made to match, heading to Desert Bistro is bound to be a good choice. Located at 36 S. 100 W., Desert Bistro offers up an intimate setting in which to enjoy dishes that are designed to showcase bold, Southwest flavors! Open Wednesday through Monday from 5:00 pm until close, Desert Bistro dinner options include everything from market fish and gorgonzola crusted beef tenderloin to Colorado lamb loin chops and bistro duck confit. 

When you’re up for something fresh, healthy, and casual at every turn, a meal at Moab Kitchen is a must! This eatery features vegan and plant-based fare served up from a food truck and best enjoyed on the spacious outdoor patio where you can indulge in good eats alongside family and friends. Moab Kitchen is found at 180 W. Center Street and provides guests with options that include everything from quinoa bowls and salads to savory soups and wraps that are good for the body and are sure to please the palate as well.  

Places to Stay in Moab

Whether you head to Moab in the name of outdoor adventure, can’t wait to explore the bustling downtown scene or are more interested in simply relaxing and unwinding in desert style, knowing you have accommodations in place that keep you comfortable, living luxuriously, and close to those places you can’t wait to explore can make all the difference. Moab travelers who partner with the property professionals at Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management can expect all this and more when you reserve your place in one of our inviting homes away from home in Moab.  

At Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management, our portfolio of Moab-based properties is designed with a customized experience in mind at every turn. Guests who book with us can pick and choose from a selection of properties that range from 4-bedroom abodes all the way up to 8-bedroom stays that can easily accommodate up to 27 guests at a time! Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple on a romantic getaway, or in the company of family and friends, we’re sure to have the rental you’re looking for. 

Things to do in Moab

In addition to tasteful furnishings and incredible views, our Moab rentals are designed with luxury in mind, and many include vaulted ceilings, large flat-screen televisions, decorative Southwest art, and access to pools and hot tubs too. When you’re not dining out in Moab, you can easily serve up a home-style meal in one of the full kitchens hosted in many of our rentals as well. Where access to a private patio or balcony maximizes time with the view, large bedrooms with plush mattresses and high-quality linens make for a wonderful night’s sleep when resting up for Moab fun ahead.  

When you’re ready to turn Moab travel dreams into a reality, Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our amazing collection of Moab rental properties and to see how we can help you book your stay! 

Guest Reviews

Empty Spaces VRM

Guest Reviews

Peter 6/14/23

Excellent home base for an active vacation. Location was perfect for all of the outdoor activities, and the condo was comfortable enough for hanging out there for downtime!
Entrada at Moab 620/624

Chris 6/17/23

New, clean property - great, open eat-kitchen. Great space for family. Upstairs laundry was an added bonus.
Entrada at Moab 611

Reggie 6/17/23

Fantastic property. The property manager was quick to respond to any texts, extremely helpful. We’ve stayed at these properties many times and will continue to do so. Clean, convenient, and LOTS of room. Extremely happy with the house.
Entrada at Moab 425

Robert 6/22/23

Robert had great things to say about their stay—read on for a snapshot of what they loved most. Now that you and your guest have both written reviews, we've posted them to your Airbnb profiles.
Entrada at Moab 425

Kate 6/22/23

Thanks so much! Great stay.
Entrada at Moab 611

Maria 6/23/23

This home was great for our family vacation in Moab. The house was very clean, kitchen was very well equipped and labeled with everything you need for prepping and cooking meals. The rooms were all very clean and also well equipped with towels , sheets, blankets, etc. The yard worked great for our dog. Highly recommend this lovely home!
Cottonwoods 419

Luke 7/1/23

We had a great stay and enjoyed being close to everything and the house faces the pool which is convenient. Very spacious and we liked having bikes available.
Entrada at Moab 619

Daniel 7/1/23

We came down as a family to enjoy Moab. The house was incredibly clean and comfortable. We love the location being slightly off main street but within a close distance to Arches National Park. Everything about the process was communicated accurately and well. We would highly recommend.
Entrada at Moab 417

Christian 7/4/23

My friends and I had an amazing experience with this listing and the management company responded immediately to my questions! The house was cleaned well and had a great layout for a larger group. The casita adds a whole new dimension to ther fun and the pool and outdoor shower create the ultimate summer experience! Would highly recommend and will definitely stay here again.
Anchor Havasu

Rick 7/6/23

Overall, our stay at Scott and Sarah's Airbnb in Moab, Utah, was exceptional. The immaculate cleanliness, abundance of amenities, inclusion of bikes for the kids, and the spaciousness of the property all contributed to a truly enjoyable experience. We felt right at home from the moment we arrived, and the attention to detail and thoughtful touches made our stay even more special. We would highly recommend this Airbnb to anyone visiting Moab and would love to have the opportunity to stay again in the future. Thank you, Scott and Sarah, for providing us with such a memorable experience.
Entrada at Moab 635