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Pioneer Park

This community park consists of 52 rustic acres for outdoor enthusiasts. While it’s a rock climbers dream, people of every age and physical ability will love exploring the red rocks, caverns, and arches. With breathtaking viewpoints, visitors won’t believe what they’re seeing as they gaze upon downtown St. George, White Dome, Zion National Park, and all the way to Arizona. Pioneer Park has a large trellis pavilion with two barbecues and a fire ring, several smaller picnic areas with tables, two with metal trellis pavilions, and a separate fire pit with an amphitheater which can be rented out for events.

The Crack

Located near the back of the park, you’ll notice a small dirt lot next to the parking lot and some green trees that don’t look like they go, so you’ll know you’re in the right spot. Perhaps not to be attempted if you have claustrophobia or simply don’t fit in tight spaces, the Crack is an extremely narrow split of rock that you can climb through if you have a small frame (great news for children and small humans but not so great for the rest of us). About 40 yards long, it’s recommended that you start at the bottom as this is the narrowest point (in other words, if you fit through here, you’re golden for the rest of the ride). Go in and then back out the way you came or climb up and soak in the amazing views of St. George before hiking back down over the slick rock.

Dixie Rock

Look for the large word DIXIE streaked in white paint on the face of a red rock ledge. You’ve arrived. Park in the parking lot and make your way up to the metal bridge which will lead you to Dixie Rock, the best overlook to take in all the views of St. George from above.

The Cavern

Near Dixie Rock, you’ll find what’s not quite a cave but rather a wide “room” that narrows to just a sliver of sky above you. You’ll love testing out the acoustics in the Cavern, and if you’re a rock climber, can scale your way up to the overlook of Dixie Rock.

Boy Scout Cave

Challenge yourself to find Boy Scout Cave, an old pioneer structure that stays cold inside it even on the hottest of days. Wondering what to look for? A stone wall mudded between two large red rocks.


Located near the Crack, The Arch is perfect for creating some Instagram-worthy photographs with the perfect skyline behind it. Visible from most of the park and an easy point to reach, people of all ages can enjoy this spot.

All the Details You Need to Know

Pioneer Park is located at 375 East Red Hills Parkway, St. George UT 84770. Bring plenty of water and wear good shoes for exploring. There are bathrooms at Pioneer Park. Most importantly: Leave no trace!