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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View in Moab

Making your way to Moab is an inspiring moment, no matter when you arrive. This incredible vacation destination is known for its amazing landscapes, options for fun, and dining and shopping options that are just as intriguing to travelers! Of course, half the fun of heading this way is making time to make the most of a great view or two. While there is no shortage of sensational vistas waiting to greet Moab guests, there are a few that stand out thanks to their impressive features, dimensions, and even colors. The following are five of the top spots for Moab sightseeing the next time your travel plans bring you this way.

Dead Horse Point

When you’re seeking an incredible and elevated perspective on Moab’s mesmerizing terrain, Dead Horse Point is the place to find it. This vantage point is accessible within the greater Dead Horse Point State Park and is found at the very end of a massive mesa by the very same name. From this spot, guests will enjoy a view from a place situated 2,000 feet above the ground! As you take in the sights of sprawling canyons, colorful cliffside walls, and a maze of mesas in between, it’s impossible not to be inspired. To make the moment that much more visually appealing, considering stopping by Dead Horse Point just before evening and making the most of that time when the sun goes down and colors fill the sky above.

Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway U-128

Moab is a vacation destination filled with rich history and inviting landscape which means it isn’t hard to find a good view or two here no matter what time of year you arrive. That said, there’s something particularly appealing about the combination of natural features available to be admired for those that take to the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway on U-128. This ravishing route sits on the North side of the city and calls 44 miles of road its very own. Driving along this scenic byway, motorists can enjoy red rock walls and stop-off points for bouldering too. The landscape here has a way of pairing low canyons with open fields providing for some of the best panoramic views Moab has to offer.

Potash Road

If you’re the type of traveler that looks forward to pairing inspiring views with options to get up close to intriguing historical landmarks, a drive along Potash Road is sure to please. Sometimes referred to as Wall Street, Potash Road hosts more than 17 miles of route lined with towering sandstone walls! This view promise to be amazing in and of itself, but there’s even more to enjoy for those that continue to explore. Potash Road follows alongside the Colorado River and sweeps through corridors marked by both lush canyons and rocky points complete with ancient art still visible on the surface! If you’re on the hunt for designated pull off and lookout points, both the River Pullout and Jaycee Park, and Portal Overlook are great places to simply stop and take it all in.

La Sal Loop

Moab’s terrain is defined by stunning rock formations, but for the traveler looking for a view that offers up even more in the way of contrasting landscapes, a trip along the La Sal Loop is a must! This scenic route offers up some of the most gorgeous views around complete with a La Sal Mountain surrounding, alpine peaks, and a collection of far-off canyons to enjoy from a distance. While all of those red cliffs are fun to view up close, there’s something inspiring about taking in their dimensions from this vantage point that makes them even more impressive.

Arches National Park

When it comes to mesmerizing moments built on a foundation of gorgeous views, stopping at Arches National Park is a decision that leads to unforgettable vistas at nearly every turn. It’s hard to pick just one place in Arches National Park that’s more scenic than the other, which makes it such an oasis of visual potential for those that head this way. From Delicate Arch and Double Arch to the unique formations that are nestled into Devils Garden, guests will find no limit to the gorgeous views they can enjoy here.

Enjoy the Moab Adventure

Getting out of town is refreshing, especially when you know that your final destination to enjoy a great vacation is Moab, Utah! Here, the scenery and outdoor adventure lead the way to unforgettable fun and at Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management, we work hard to make sure our guests have the accommodations in place to match. Our rentals are designed to include the comfort, luxury, and convenience that every Moab visitor deserves. Reach out today to learn more about our many property options and to begin planning your next Utah-bound trip!