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Surrounded by two famous national forests, Moab is home to more than a thousand miles of trails and canyons, multiple rivers,  and countless unforgettable views. For both seasoned visitors and new visitors alike, it’s hard to know where to start! When considering a vacation in Moab, there are a few experiences that you don’t want to miss:

Biking in Moab

There are many noteworthy biking experiences in Moab with two of the most popular being the Slickrock Trails and The Whole Enchilada. Depending on the time of year, these trails may be a bit crowded, but they’re well worth it. A trip down the Whole Enchilada will bring you down 7,000 feet from the top of La Sal Hill to the Colorado River in 27 miles. The Amasa Back/Captain Ahab, Sovereign, or Navajo Rocks routes are fantastic, though the Magnificent 7 tops them all in the eyes of many. The 26-plus-mile ride showcases nearly everything makes riding in Moab so special, including ledge drops, slickrock, and of course, endless views.

For an endurance challenge, try White Rim Path, which circumnavigates Island in the Sky, a broad plateau over the Green and Colorado Rivers. You can make the 100-mile trip in a day if you’re really motivated or break it up into a multi-day adventure.

Avid bicyclists should plan to hit the La Sal Hill Loophole, a paved 60-plus-mile trip that twists around the nearby La Sal Range. You can enjoy the ride any time, or join the Grand Fondo Moab in early May to bike with other enthusiasts.

Climbing in Moab

A great place to begin your Moab climbing journey is at Ice Cream Parlor, an area 8 miles outside of town with several moderate routes, leading up to one of the area’s most significant sandstone towers. Alternatively, making the hour drive south to the splits of Indian Creek is also highly recommended. For intermediate climbers, the Quality III Kor-Ingells course on Castle Valley’s Castleton Tower is a long, difficult route topped by a football-field-size area with a 300′ rappel down that’s most exciting you’ll experience in the area. The American Alpine Institute has named it one of the 50 classic climbs up in North America.

Hiking in Moab

Prefer walking? Moab has no shortage of hiking opportunities for both novice and experienced hikers. Arches has a moderate three-mile walk to Delicate Arch while Canyonlands’ touts the beautiful Lathrop Canyon Path, a 22-mile round-trip. However, the very best hiking can’t be found in a park. About 40 miles north of the city is Fisher Towers. The modest 4.4-mile round-trip provides gorgeous views of the Colorado River and Castle Valley. It’s not overly crowded like many of the national parks, and unlike the parks, it’s pet friendly, so you do not need to leave your furry friend behind.

For a more adventurous getaway, consider a canyoneering trip. There are many slots available to explore, and though you could venture out on your own, it’s advisable to go with a guide. Flooding, falling rocks, and getting lost are common dangers for even experienced hikers, so it’s much safer to go guided.

Rafting in Moab

While most of Moab’s outdoor adventures happen on the red rock, there are many adventures to be had on the water, too, as many of the best river trips in the country begin in the Moab area. A well-known favorite is a four-day Colorado River trip via Cataract Canyon. You’ll wind 96 miles through Canyonlands National Park through Class II– IV rapids, before returning to Moab.

For a more leisurely experience, rent a stand-up paddleboard to explore by yourself, or book a guided trip, and wind around the Colorado.

Moab Vacation Rentals

When choosing your Moab Utah lodging, we would love for you to make your new favorite vacation memories in our luxurious Moab UT vacation rentals! Their amazing amenities and close proximity to all of Moab’s outdoor adventures make them ideal places to stay during your Moab vacation. Our pet-friendly Moab vacation rentals are great for small families or large groups, accommodating up to 51 guests. Empty Spaces VRM is proud to host a portfolio of vacation rentals in Moab that are designed to inspire travelers of all types and preferences. No matter what your property must-haves are, guests who book our rentals will enjoy the fact that each vacation home comes with:

  • Plenty of parking spaces so everyone has a place to park
  • Fresh linens, towels, and plush bedding from high-end retailers such as Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and Pottery Barn
  • State-of-the-art streaming TV and fast Wi-Fi internet throughout the home
  • Child-friendly features and activities, including a high chair, kid dinnerware, pack-n-play, games and toys, and more.
  • A convenient stock of standard household products including trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, shampoos, and detergents.
  • A fully-stocked gourmet kitchen with mixing bowls, pots and pans, mixer, blender, griddle, Keurig, and a standard coffee maker
  • A pantry with basic food staples, coffee filters, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, napkins, baggies, and more

Ready to book? Call or text a reservationist to save up to 25% off your Moab vacation!

There is nothing spookier than spending a vacation getaway around Halloween in the desert. You can do exactly that and so much more when you vacation over to Moab. The fall season is one of our favorites right here in Utah where many of the activities year-round can still be accessible. In addition, you will find that Moab has a few different Halloween events exclusive to the holiday. Moab is a perfect vacation destination for Halloween for all ages. Take a look at some upcoming Halloween events you can find in Moab this year:

Madness in Moab

Not all Halloween events in the area have to be all about spooky thrills. Moab is known for its variety of outdoor fun and excitement here in the desert. Its beautiful desert scenery makes it a popular destination for long distance runners who can take in the views as they set a new personal record. This Halloween the Madness in Moab will be taking place in the Red Rocks. This multi-race event features a variety of races including 7-mile, 14-mile, and 2- and 4-person relay events. This event is perfect for any long-distance runners who want to start their Halloween event by burning some calories before getting into the candy and drinks later that evening. Madness in Moab will take place starting at 7:00 AM on October 30th and will run through the 31st. Registration can be made online through the event sponsor.

Moab Craggin’ Classic

Another special event taking place in Moab around Halloween is the Moab Craggin’ Classic. As mentioned, Moab is an outdoor sporting playground that features plenty to do. One popular activity in the local Red Rocks is rock climbing. You can learn even more about the rock climbing community and finding some other rock climbing enthusiasts to hike with by visiting the Moab Craggin’ Classic. This climbing festival has everything from local vendors to other climbing enthusiasts on hand to celebrate all things rock climbing. It is a perfect way to meet others with a similar hobby and join in on any public rocking climbing expeditions. This year’s Moab Craggin’ Classic will take place on Friday October 29th from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM for a night of fun and excitement.

Explore the National Parks in Moab

You will find that Moab is home to all kinds of outdoor fun especially during the fall season. One of the best ways to enjoy your Halloween journey is by exploring the nearby national parks. This includes the Arches National Park that features the iconic Arch. The views of the Arch are absolutely incredible and can be seen from the many trails in the area. Canyonlands National Park is another great nearby park with just as many trails for you to explore. The fall season around Halloween is the perfect time to explore these parks as the temperatures start to dip and there are less crowds. You may find yourself alone on the trail taking in the beauty with it being perfectly quiet.

Go Mountain Biking

Another great way to see and explore the vast desert surrounding Moab is by mountain biking around. Moab is known for having countless travelers from all over the world come to explore the rugged trails. Whether you are a beginner rider or advanced you will find a trail for you. We recommend heading over to Bar-M Loop, a beginner trail that is open daily throughout the year and splits off into more advanced trails. This is great for groups who want to ride together but may need a break to go off on their own. Main Street in Downtown Moab has plenty of bike shops that offer hourly and daily rentals on mountain bikes.

Go Kayaking or Rafting

The weather will still be warmer than what you are used to back home around Halloween here in Moab. Take advantage of the warmer temps and head over to the Colorado or Green Rivers. These two rivers have made the local landscape what it is with their winding flows. Visitors around Halloween may be able to catch one of the last rafting trips on either river if they schedule their vacation a little early. If not, local shops in towns have plenty of kayaks to rent out so you can explore on your own. Paddling down the rivers will help you take in some spectacular views of petroglyphs, the red rocks, and all of the unique wildlife in the area.

Halloween Done Right in Moab

While we may not offer any of your standard Halloween events in Moab, you can still have a spooky time by visiting around the holiday. Prepare for your trip today by reserving one of our vacation rentals to keep you comfortable throughout your stay.

As the world slowly begins to reopen, we are all starting to feel an impatience for normality. No longer do we take for granted the simple things in life: dining out with family, the camaraderie of working together, or even a hug between friends. We want to meet for coffee, we want to travel, and we definitely are ready for live music to come back into our lives! We at Empty Spaces are here to tell you that our hearts are full, and the Moab Music Festival of 2021 is back, playing the music you love against the dramatic backdrop of the red rocks we love!

August 30 Through September 16

Perhaps our favorite two weeks of every year, this year it is different, more important somehow, as the Moab Music Festival brings back the normality we crave. Offering the best of the best, the musicians who gather in our desert can be counted on to give us the sounds that speak to our soul: the rhythmic beauty of smooth jazz, the traditional notes of chamber music, and the joyful tunes of music being played from all over the world. The sounds of music blend with the sounds of nature, and as you ride the waves through the canyons on the Colorado River, hike to secluded spots in the same canyons and gather under white tents to hear narrations about the loss of freedom, (George Takei is the celebrated speaker at this concert!) you will know that at last you have found your happy place. Every day brings a new concert, a new way to discover nature and fill your hearts with all the music it can handle, and although there are still differences between the 2021 and earlier years’ festivals, it will still feel right in your soul.

The Differences

We are fortunate in that the Moab Music Festival never went away, and as we faced the challenges of 2020 and the pandemic, we adapted, a trend we are continuing this year, knowing the battle has not been won. All concerts are being held outside, and social distancing will be maintained. A smaller number of tickets are available for sale, so be sure to peruse the Moab Music Festival website and purchase your tickets early to ensure you have a space—and yes, there will be mask guidelines to follow as well. Ticketing is contactless, intermissions have been scrapped, and handwashing stations are provided, as are hand sanitizers for your safety. What hasn’t changed, however, is the beauty of the music and the joy we derive in its deliverance, so know that in your heart these concerts will be timeless.

At the Heart of It All

With all the changes made, the heart of the Moab Music Festival is still the same. It is about music, nature, and people, and how all three belong together. If you have ever attended a music festival before, you understand completely, and whether you have chosen the 1st Grotto Concert and are listening to Beethoven under the red natural arches of the canyons, or under that white tent again, this time listening to music that brings about the sensation of nights in Spanish Gardens, if you do not get goosebumps on your arms from the sheer beauty of the moment, maybe you chose the wrong concert! Maybe you are more a Music in the Park type of person, enjoying the casual conviviality of music designed to introduce your children to the joy of the song. Or perhaps you prefer to do something good for the world while enjoying your music of the night and will find that the House Benefit Concert, celebrating Beethoven’s 251 years of providing beauty for the masses, is more your style. Violin Sonata #4 will break your heart anew, and as the last notes float away into the night air, you will wish the moment never has to end. The choices are plentiful, but perhaps the most moving for all Americans will be the Manhattan Transfer night, taking place on September 11. Held under the shelter of an open pavilion at Sorrell River Ranch & Spa, you will never feel more American on this the 20th anniversary of a terrible American tragedy than you will right here, listening to the smooth jazz of Manhattan Transfer echo off the mountains that surround you.

Come Home to Comfort

When the last note has played and the moon is bathing the landscape with a cool glow, coming home to our Empty Spaces vacation escapes promises to be the moments you will remember most. Reserve your stay today and come home to comfort every night of your Moab getaway!

Most of our visitors who come to Moab are those looking to take advantage of our outdoor playground and find thrilling activities to keep themselves busy. In between your outdoor adventures, you will need to fuel up. Moab features many casual and relaxed dining spots where you can show up in your outdoor gear for a delicious meal. Take a look at some of our favorite casual Moab restaurants you can find in the area.

Moab Diner

The name says it all when you visit Moab Diner for your next meal during your stay. This hip eatery features an all-day breakfast menu that you will absolutely fall in love with. Try out some of their local favorites on the menu including the Fisher Tower French Toast, a Sweetwater skillet, or the Diner House Pancakes. Three-egg omelets are a great way to try something healthy without sacrificing any flavor. Moab Diner also features plenty of lunch and dinner options too if that is your jam for the day. Enjoy a freshly grilled burger, chicken finger platter, sirloin steak, chicken fried chicken, and much more. There’s plenty of options on the kids and dessert menus too!

The Broken Oar

Take a step into the wilderness by having a meal at local favorite The Broken Oar. This casual American restaurant features a unique lodge interior that will have you thinking you are out in the woods. The vaulted ceiling provides the restaurant with tons of space, so even the largest of groups can dine in. The Broken Oar has plenty of tasty American cuisine options to choose from. Try out the brisket tacos that are freshly smoked, the large pasta dishes, or grilled to order steaks. The BBQ is some of the best in the entire city. Seafood is selected fresh to make for a delicious entrée. Make sure to pair your dinner with a pint of craft beer or your favorite vintage of wine. The Broken Oar has a casual atmosphere, making it one of our favorite places to eat at.

The Spoke on Center

When you visit Moab, you will notice that there are plenty of outdoor enthusiasts exploring the area. Moab has a great mountain biking scene, and it can be seen over at The Spoke on Center. This local burger joint features a bi-level interior and is themed with everything bicycle related. The menu features tons of freshly grilled burgers that will satisfy any craving you have. Additional items on the menu include fresh salads and delicious soft serve ice cream. The French fries and onion rings are always crispy and make for the perfect sides. Don’t forget to add a cocktail to your meal for the full experience. The Spoke on Center is your go to place for great burgers anytime for lunch or dinner.

Quesadilla Mobilla

One of our favorite ways to dine out in Moab is by finding the closest food truck and seeing what they are all about. Quesadilla Mobilla is one of the best food trucks that offers a varied menu featuring quesadillas and so much more. The quesadilla can be filled with unique protein options such as green chile chicken, red child beef, and vegetarian options. The salsa and guacamole are made by hand and are the perfect dipping options for your tasty quesadillas. You can even order gluten free tortillas for anyone with food allergies. Now that is one great way to have a quesadilla or two!

Sweet Cravings Bakery + Bistro

Sometimes all you need is a simple baked good or two to get you going in the morning. Sweet Cravings Bakery + Bistro is the one stop shop for all baked goods here in Moab. Each morning they prepare their bakery items fresh so you can enjoy your morning routine with a croissant or bagel. Additional breakfast items for order include the breakfast burrito and its veggie cousin, breakfast paninis, French toast, and bagel sandwiches. Enjoy a cup of coffee, including several different selections along with tea. Get your sweet tooth on by ordering a cinnamon roll, scone, or monkey bread. Sweet Cravings also makes sure to handle the lunch hour rush too with their selection of fresh green salads and deli fresh sandwiches; each entrée comes with a “Crave of the Day” so you can still get your baked good during your visit.

More Fun Dining in Moab

As you can see, Moab has plenty of casual dining spots that will make for a great meal during your visit. Book one of our vacation rentals to be close to these restaurants and the many more found around Moab. Also expect to have access to luxury amenities and close access to the local trails. Call today and prepare for the best time in Moab!

When booking a vacation getaway to Moab, you are probably looking for all kinds of fun and exciting activities to help you explore the area. Moab is a huge and beautiful outdoor playground, and if it’s your first time visiting, it might be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of our favorite tours available in the area. Each tour offers professional services so you can get the most out of your stay. Take a look at the top tours in Moab:

Moab Tour Company

It is time to go off-road when you vacation to Moab. The desert setting is the perfect place to take a thrilling off-roading adventure. Moab Tour Company is a locally owned and operated tour company that provides thrilling UTV and RZR tours. Their 15 years of experience will provide you with an incredible adventure as you explore the hills of Moab. Each UTV is ready to take on the dirt roads while keeping you safe. Guided tours provide a side-by-side adventure where a tour guide will show you where to go while you get to drive your own UTV. You can also book a UTV tour where you ride along with the guide, so you don’t have to worry about driving. Each tour operates on a level system—1 being the easiest and 3 being the most difficult, with prior experience recommended. You can choose from a variety of outdoor settings to explore including Poison Spider Trail, Hurrah Pass, and Hells Revenge. You can even book the time for a sunset UTV tour or have it during the day. Each tour is approximately 2.5 hours in length. If you want to do some exploring on your own, you can easily rent all kinds of vehicles from Moab Tour Company. Choose from a variety of UTVs, RZRs, and even dirt bikes. They will show you how to operate each piece of equipment before you leave. If this sounds like a thrilling experience, make sure you book a tour with them today by calling 435-259-4080.

High Point Hummer and ATV Tours and Rentals

Not all outdoor adventures can be done on a UTV or RZR. When that is the case, look no further than High Point Hummer and ATV Tours and Rentals for all your tour needs. This local tour company knows how to have fun and is looking to help you explore the Moab outback. Their most popular option is their Hummer tours that will take you off-road while having plenty of interior space in which to relax. Stand in the back or roll down the windows and take in the fresh air. These are not your typical Hummers either, as they can fit an entire tour group in one vehicle. Choose your tour options from 2-hour adventures up to 4-hour adventures. Shaded canopies will keep you shaded during the sunny Moab days of summer. High Point also makes sure to provide of UTV tour options too; each tour package includes all required safety gear, light snacks, and water. What sets High Point apart from other tour options here in Moab is there unique Vanderhall rental options. These three-wheel vehicles are a moving work of art that are perfect for those who want to explore the national park. The open canopy makes it easy to take in the sights as the air rushes through your hair. Rent one of these luxury vehicles by the half day, full day, or full 24-hour periods. Book your tour or Vanderhall rental by calling 877-486-6833.

Dan Mick’s Guided Tours

Not but certainly not least is Dan Mick’s Guided Tours right here in Moab. This local tour company is a highly rated tour option that will take you on a thrilling Jeep tour. These luxury vehicles will keep you comfortable as your tour guide takes on rocky terrain such as Hells Revenge. Your tour guide will tell you historic facts and stories of the Moab area including settlers who first tamed the wild land that Moab is located on. Each tour option is reserved by the vehicle for up to 3 passengers making it easy to book. Your Jeep tour options include sunset, morning, afternoon, and full day options. There is nothing better than exploring the Moab countryside than from the comfort of a luxury Jeep. Book your tour today with Dan Mick’s Guided Tours by calling 435-259-4567.

More to See in Moab

As you can see, there are plenty of incredible tour options right here in Moab. Book one of these top tour companies in the area for the best experience possible. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable every night during your stay.

Many visitors come to Moab to see all of the incredible outdoor attractions for which the area is known. You can expect some of the most beautiful sights ever seen that are sure to make your trip one to remember for years to come. Occasionally, Moab will see rain clouds come through that might delay some of your outdoor activities. Have no fear, as Moab also features several different activities that are perfect for rainy skies. Beat the rain and enjoy these indoor activities in Moab on rainy days.

Visit the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage

One of the lesser-known facts about Moab and the surrounding region is that it has been used for a variety of western films over the decades. You will find the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage to be a part of the Red Cliffs Ranch that continues to raise cattle and horses. A variety of western films have been filmed at the ranch since it was discovered by John Ford back in the 1940s. Films such as Rio Grande, Wagon Master, and The Commancheros have all used the incredible backdrop and scenery for their films. Filmmaking legends such as John Wayne and Lee Marvin have all been on set for their classic films. Get to know more about this rich filmmaking history by stopping in the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage. You will find a variety of unique memorabilia on display that will showcase each of the legendary films. The Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage is open daily from 8:00 AM to 1000 PM at the Red Cliffs Ranch.

Indoor Wine Tasting at Castle Creek Winery

If it’s going to rain in Moab, why not head inside for a wine tasting or two? You can do just that when you stop at Castle Creek Winery. This award-winning winery is known for producing some incredible wines with varieties such as chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Castle Creek Winery is a solo operation that bottles, labels, and boxes each wine they produce at the vineyards. This winery is also located at the historic Red Cliffs Ranch so you can easily combine it with a trip to the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage. The indoor tasting room is the perfect spot to escape the rain for a bit and try out each variant of wine being offered. You will be able to look out at the incredible views of the Colorado River that are within view. Castle Creek Winery is open daily from noon to 7:00 PM at the tasting room; bottle sales are open at 10:00 AM each day in case you just want to grab a bottle for your vacation rental.

Take a Tour at Tom Till Fine Art

There is nothing more relaxing than spending an hour or two checking out all of the fine art created in the region you are visiting. On a rainy day, make sure you head over to Tom Till Fine Art to check out beautiful artwork on display. The gallery has been open for 20 years, offering visitors and locals a chance to see some of their award-winning art in person. Many of the works of art are also for sale, so you can take home a piece of Moab culture with you. Tom Till has captured the incredible beauty of Moab like no other photographer. The Tom Till Gallery can be found at 61 N Main St in downtown Moab. The gallery is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Stop by the Moab Museum

Another great museum found right here in town is the Moab Museum. This local attraction is another great indoor activity that showcases the rich history of the area. The museum is now fully open for business after going through previous modifications. The Moab Museum features special exhibits such as A World Transformed, an exhibit that highlights the transcontinental railroad, and Through Toil and Labor, an exhibit that takes a look at the forgotten history of the area’s Chinese railroad workers. Both exhibits highlight the importance of how the railroad and its workers brought life to the Moab area. A variety of events take place throughout the year as well, providing guest speakers and more. The Moab Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 8:00 PM with reservations no longer required.

Plan Your Moab Journey

You can enjoy these and many more different indoor activities that are perfect for the rare rainy day here in Moab. Start planning your trip by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area and get ready for your best stay in Moab yet!


Guest Reviews

Empty Spaces VRM

Guest Reviews

Peter 6/14/23

Excellent home base for an active vacation. Location was perfect for all of the outdoor activities, and the condo was comfortable enough for hanging out there for downtime!
Entrada at Moab 620/624

Chris 6/17/23

New, clean property - great, open eat-kitchen. Great space for family. Upstairs laundry was an added bonus.
Entrada at Moab 611

Reggie 6/17/23

Fantastic property. The property manager was quick to respond to any texts, extremely helpful. We’ve stayed at these properties many times and will continue to do so. Clean, convenient, and LOTS of room. Extremely happy with the house.
Entrada at Moab 425

Robert 6/22/23

Robert had great things to say about their stay—read on for a snapshot of what they loved most. Now that you and your guest have both written reviews, we've posted them to your Airbnb profiles.
Entrada at Moab 425

Kate 6/22/23

Thanks so much! Great stay.
Entrada at Moab 611

Maria 6/23/23

This home was great for our family vacation in Moab. The house was very clean, kitchen was very well equipped and labeled with everything you need for prepping and cooking meals. The rooms were all very clean and also well equipped with towels , sheets, blankets, etc. The yard worked great for our dog. Highly recommend this lovely home!
Cottonwoods 419

Luke 7/1/23

We had a great stay and enjoyed being close to everything and the house faces the pool which is convenient. Very spacious and we liked having bikes available.
Entrada at Moab 619

Daniel 7/1/23

We came down as a family to enjoy Moab. The house was incredibly clean and comfortable. We love the location being slightly off main street but within a close distance to Arches National Park. Everything about the process was communicated accurately and well. We would highly recommend.
Entrada at Moab 417

Christian 7/4/23

My friends and I had an amazing experience with this listing and the management company responded immediately to my questions! The house was cleaned well and had a great layout for a larger group. The casita adds a whole new dimension to ther fun and the pool and outdoor shower create the ultimate summer experience! Would highly recommend and will definitely stay here again.
Anchor Havasu

Rick 7/6/23

Overall, our stay at Scott and Sarah's Airbnb in Moab, Utah, was exceptional. The immaculate cleanliness, abundance of amenities, inclusion of bikes for the kids, and the spaciousness of the property all contributed to a truly enjoyable experience. We felt right at home from the moment we arrived, and the attention to detail and thoughtful touches made our stay even more special. We would highly recommend this Airbnb to anyone visiting Moab and would love to have the opportunity to stay again in the future. Thank you, Scott and Sarah, for providing us with such a memorable experience.
Entrada at Moab 635