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Hawaiian Poke Bowl

How do you know a restaurant is going to be good? Well, there are certain clues that are a dead giveaway. For starters, if there is consistently a line out the door, it’s a pretty safe bet that the food is going to be amazing. Another hint? Limited hours. This can mean one of two things: Either the owner is lazy, or the product they’re selling is so good, their customers know to drop everything and show up when they’re supposed to! So how can you know which one it is? Well, if the hundreds of five-star reviews aren’t a dead giveaway, this next clue is. The website and signage boast, “Open until 3:00 or until sold out.” Be sure to get a taste for yourself and head over to Hawaiian Poke Bowl!

Everyone Needs Some ALOHA in Their Lives

Founded by a Native Hawaiian from Waimanalo, Oahu, the Hawaiian Poke Bowl restaurant offers authentic Hawaiian style cuisines that never disappoint. For the sushi lovers, guests will salivate when they see the wide variety of poke options available to them. Using sashimi-grade fresh fish (not frozen), you can count on there being a variety of options using salmon and ahi, seasoned and flavored to satisfy whatever you’re craving. If sashimi isn’t your jam, fret not. Hawaiian Poke Bowl also offers a variety of cooked options. Try the Pineapple Shrimp or Kimchi Shrimp or delve into the Spicy Cali with imitation crab goodness. Craving something a little heartier (or maybe you choose to steer clear of seafood altogether)? Try another Hawaiian favorite, the Kalua Pork! All entrees are served over a bowl of rice and fresh cabbage, just like they do it in the Aloha state.

Do you have a special diet? If you’re looking for someplace delicious to enjoy a gluten-free meal without the panic of cross-contamination, you’ve come to the right place. The Kim Chee Ahi, Spicy Ahi, Samoan Oka, Onion Tako, Kim Chee Tako, Pineapple Shrimp, and Kim Chee Shrimp are all gluten-free without compromising any of the taste. Hooray! And for all of our earth-conscious vegans, you’ll find that the tofu, seaweed salad, rice, and fresh cabbage will leave you full and satisfied.

All dishes enhance their flavors using Maui sweet onions and real Hawaiian seaweed, providing a taste so authentic that if you close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the waves, you’ll be able to convince yourself that you’re actually on the beaches of a Hawaiian island. Complete the illusion with a Hawaiian Sun drink, though don’t blame us when you open your eyes and find you’re not actually on the beaches of Hawaii.

Run, Don’t Walk

Come see what all the fuss is about, but do yourself a favor and get there early, as it’s pretty common for Hawaiian Poke Bowl to sell out before they close. They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., and closed Sunday/Monday. You can find Hawaiian Poke Bowl at 175 W 900 S, St. George, UT.