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98 Center Restaurant

Get ready to elevate your foodie game during your next vacation getaway to Moab. Our travel destination is home to a variety of incredible restaurants that will provide unbelievable dining experiences. 98 Center is one such location that is frequently a favorite among the locals. Owners Frankie Winfrey and Alex Borichevsky are committed in supporting the local and regional farmers/artisans in helping bring the freshest ingredients to your plate. From lunch to dinner, your dining experience will be taken care of at 98 Center. They Cater to all diets; vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto and paleo!

Lunch and Dinner

98 Center Restaurant specializes in Asian Fusion dishes, offering both lunch and dinner items that do not hold back on flavor. From Traditional Phở, Bánh Mì Sandwiches & Salads to “Cheffy’s Hometown Philly Cheesesteak” there’s something for everyone any time of the day. They’re mostly known for their Traditional Phở, bone broth soup served with rice noodles, herbs, and protein. Choices include beef, pork, chicken, or vegan. You can even get this delicious broth to go on its own, just ask for the “pho cup”! In addition to their Phở, they serve a Traditional Bánh Mì Sandwich and a Noodle Dish called Miền Chay but their most popular item on the menu is their Cheesesteak. Inspired by Alex (from Philly) and made with the classic Amoroso Roll, you can’t go wrong with their beef, chicken or vegan options!

Your Caffeine Center

98 Center also features an abundance of caffeine options. Choose from cold brew, bulletproof coffee, pour overs, and more. Vietnamese coffee is also on the menu. It is stronger than the American variety and uses sweetened condensed milk—a must-try! Various beverages or mocktails can also be added to any order.

Finding 98 Center

They’re located at 98 East Center Street (their name is their address). Due to Covid-19, their hours/types of service changes depending on the season. Make sure and call ahead or go online and plan accordingly. Currently, they are only open for Takeout so you can easily place your order by calling 435-355-0098 or by ordering at the door. Due to Covid-19, they are currently closed for the winter season but will reopen in February for their 2021 spring season. You can follow them on social media where they keep their community informed with business hours, current events and specials over at @98centermoab or 98centermoab.com.

More Fun in Moab

There is plenty to see and explore when vacationing to Moab. Make the most of your much-deserved journey by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area. You will have access to luxury amenities while being just down the street from the many attractions in town, including 98 Center. Contact us!