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Electric Mountain Lodge Announces New Partnership with Uncharted Society, Now Offers Guests Transformative Powersport Experiences


December 5, 2022 – Snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts will have even more reasons to visit Electric Mountain Lodge (EML) thanks to new opportunities to explore Western Colorado’s untouched backcountry, hone their powersports skills, and enjoy extensive upgrades to the Lodge’s kitchen, bar, lounge, cabins, and living quarters.

Through a new partnership with Uncharted Society, a global network of BRP-certified outfitters, the Electric Mountain Lodge, now owned and operated by Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management, is offering on-site UTV and snowmobile rentals, as well as optional guided tours, clinics, rides, adventures, and more.

The partnership, coupled with rentals through Electric Mountain Outfitters, means guests of all skills and ability levels can explore the natural beauty and unique history of the Grand Mesa, the world’s largest and tallest flat top mountain, through immersive, transformative, and safe powersports experiences.

“There is no better way to explore the hidden gems of Colorado’s western slope than on an UTV or snowmobile. It’s the only way to fully take in the rugged grandeur of such a remote and untamed environment,” said Scott Howard, owner and CEO of Empty Spaces and Electric Mountain Lodge. “Electric Mountain Lodge’s partnership with Uncharted Society, along with onsite rentals, guides, and elevated lodging and dining accommodations is taking an already extraordinary vacation experience to new heights.”


snowmobile rentals grand mesa


One of the few backcountry lodges in the world that’s strictly ride-in and ride-out, the Electric Mountain Lodge is tucked away on the western slope of the Rockies, in a remote setting up to 50 miles away from civilization. Known as a snowmobiler’s paradise, the area offers every type of riding for every type of rider, full of fresh tracks and untouched powder. Here, it’s not uncommon to go out riding all day for several days and not see anyone else the entire time.

“We are always thrilled to foster experiences that allow visitors to forge their own paths, escape their comfort zones, and explore uncharted territory,” said the Uncharted Society. “Our partnership with Electric Mountain Lodge exemplifies all of that and more. We look forward to exploring the area’s natural wonders safely, sustainably, and with a mindset for adventure. And we hope you’ll join us for a ride.”

The partnership with Uncharted Society opens more than 800,000 acres of wooded wilderness in the Gunnison and Mesa National Forests to more visitors and excursionists, from beginners to avid riders. In addition to unguided rental options, mountain and trail sled rentals, and guided backcountry tours and clinics (lunch included), the Electric Mountain Lodge offers:

  • Overnight trail rides of up to 50 miles.
  • Day trips across the top of the Grand Mesa to have lunch at other lodges.
  • 2-3 hour, half day, or full day scenic tours.
  • RAD (ride all day) adventures.
  • Club rides and poker runs.
  • Clinics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders on various topics like balance and foot placement, throttle control, carving and controlling, tree riding, wilderness first aid, and more.

snowmobile rentals paonia co


Situated just three miles south of the 180-mile Sunlight to Powderhorn Trail, a popular spot for snowshoers and cross-country skiers, as well as snowmobilers, the Electric Mountain Lodge has long been known as an oasis for outdoor adventurers to refuel, grab a bite to eat, attend a clinic, relax in a cabin, and more.

During the warmer months, onsite UTV rentals will ensure the Lodge remains a top destination for hunters, hikers, birdwatchers, anglers, boaters, and nature lovers to take in the majesty of the great outdoors on the Grand Mesa. With more than 300 lakes across 500 square miles of forest teeming with wildlife like moose, bears, bald eagles, great-horned owls, and more, the opportunities to explore are limitless.

In response to feedback from visitors and groups, Empty Spaces Vacation Rental Management has invested in extensive renovations designed to prioritize customer experiences and accommodations. The upgrades aim to preserve the Lodge’s rustic charm while embracing necessary improvements like all new furniture and décor and remodeled cabins and living quarters. While daily restaurant hours will be limited, the kitchen has been expanded to include more than $100,000 of new equipment, like a pizza oven and espresso machine, as well as an updated bar and lounge.


Electric Mountain Lodge

Lake Havasu Vacation Rental Management

For rental property owners looking to generate passive income, a key piece to your success is finding a Lake Havasu property management company that is dedicated to high levels of property care and ROI. Our team offers white-glove services to our owners and managed properties, with our 5+ bedroom properties grossing an average of $159k in revenue in 2021. Keep reading as we share why you should consider Empty Spaces for your property management in Lake Havasu and how we’ll go above and beyond to help this be your most profitable year to date.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Lake Havasu Property Management?

There are many reasons that you might opt to turn to our company if you are looking to increase your bookings and revenue. Our team is dedicated to offering you excellent property care and high return on investment for all of our vacation rentals in Lake Havasu. We’ll make sure that your home performs at the top of the market while also protecting your investment. Your home will remain in like-new condition while it remains in our care so that you can keep attracting new guests year after year.

The Empty Spaces Difference

When working with our Lake Havasu City, AZ property management team, we’ll make sure your home builds visibility online. We utilize dozens of different booking channels and create aggressive marketing campaigns to help boost your reservations. We know that this can be an incredibly time-consuming task for property owners to do themselves, who need to focus on other areas of their lives and businesses.

Our full-time reservations team will handle all incoming guest and owner inquiries. We respond to each inquiry within five minutes, 24/7, ensuring that potential guests feel supported from the minute they get in touch with our team. Guests need to feel like there is someone on hand to answer their questions if they do have any issues on vacation, and we provide this reassurance no matter what time of day or night it is.

We vet all guests before they stay in your home and provide rental damage protection with each booking. If something gets damaged by a guest, we cover it at our cost.

Customized Cleaning and Turnover Protocols

No two properties that our Lake Havasu vacation rental management company looks after are the same. For this reason, we’ll treat your property independently from the others in our care, ensuring that we utilize customized cleaning and turnover protocols for your home. Our methods are extensive and stringent, providing a deep clean and maintenance services between each guest stay. You’ll never have to worry about making the beds or cleaning the bathrooms again, as we’ll take care of every detail for you. We also keep your home abundantly stocked with linens, pantry and kitchen items, and everything else your guests need for an unforgettable stay.

Are you looking for assistance with Lake Havasu property management? If so, get in touch with our team today! We’re excited to discuss the services we offer and provide a free rental evaluation. We are dedicated to helping each of our owners maximize their ROI and our guests have a memorable vacation,

Vacation Rental Management in Moab, Utah

Moab in Utah is one of the hottest spots in the state for vacation rentals, meaning competition can be fierce for property owners. For that reason, it’s critical to find a company specializing in property management in Moab, Utah, who will be able to generate a high ROI and provide high-level property care. Here we’re going to share the key services that our team offers and how we can work with you to make this the best year yet for your short-term rental property!

Services Offered by Property Management Companies in Moab, Utah

If you have a vacation property in Moab, Utah, you may not have thought about renting it out during the times it’s not in use. Instead of leaving your home empty throughout the year, you can generate passive income with your investment. That being said, managing a vacation rental is a very daunting task, which is why so many turn to property management services to help. You need to market it, maintain it, and clean it between guests, which can almost feel like a full time job. If you don’t live in the area, this is even more of a challenge, as you aren’t able to be around at all times to maintain and check the property.

Our company offers vacation rental management in Moab, Utah, and is dedicated to focusing on the quality of management offered as opposed to the quantity of homes that we look after. We don’t just want your guests to have a mediocre experience, but instead, we strive to provide them the vacation of a lifetime when staying in your home. When homes aren’t property cared for, they can receive bad reviews, resulting in you losing tens of thousands of dollars over the year. We are dedicated to offering white-glove service to each and every one of our owners. Our company only manages a small number of luxury vacation homes, which we hand select based on their potential.

Property Management in Moab, Utah for High-End Homes

When working with our company, you’ll find that we offer non-traditional, boutique vacation rental management in Moab, Utah. Our mission is to provide each and every one of our guests with an unforgettable vacation experience. This helps to provide our owners with unparalleled returns, helping you to meet your personal and financial goals. In order to achieve this, we employ a full team of housekeeping and maintenance professionals. They strive for excellence when working on each of our properties. Our team is in your home between each guest, performing deep cleans and taking care of even the smallest of maintenance items. Your home will remain in like-new condition while it’s in our care, treated as an independent property from all others. We’ll create a customized cleaning schedule for your home, ensuring the turnover protocols are personalized to your needs. As far as finances, we employ a full-time CPA who provides monthly reports and payments by the 20th. Our team also features a full-time team of reservationists, who are dedicated to answering all incoming inquiries within five minutes, 24/7.

Additionally, we leverage dozens of booking channels, and aggressive digital marketing campaigns to keep your home booked. Guests are vetted before booking, and we offer unparalleled damage protection for peace-of mind.

As you can see, there are many benefits of working with the top property management company in Moab, Utah. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and get a free rental evaluation!

Property Management in Crested Butte

Crested Butte is the ideal family vacation destination for travelers from across the country. Visitors today are looking for more space and amenities than a hotel can offer, which is why they turn to Crested Butte property management companies to find spacious luxury homes for their stay. Keep reading as we share the top reasons to consider our company for property management in Crested Butte and how we can help you enjoy top ROI and high levels of property care.

Dozens of Booking Channels to Spread the Word About Your Vacation Rental

While you could opt to manage all details related to property management on your own, this takes hours of hard work and dedication each day to secure bookings. Our team knows the best booking channels our properties, including Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor,, Expedia, and dozens more. We work hard to generate high nightly and occupancy rates so that you can maximize revenue and enjoy a greater ROI on your vacation home. Instead of leaving your home empty when you’re not there, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the extra cash flow when renting out your home with our vacation rental management in Crested Butte.

Cleaning and Damage Protection

Two common considerations when it comes to managing a property include guest damage and cleaning. Every home is treated individually with a personalized plan so that the cleaning and turnover is tailored to the unique needs of your home. Our operations and housekeeping staff are in your home between each booking to perform deep cleans and maintenance. Each booking also comes with rental damage protection, so if a guest damages something, we cover it at our cost. Additionally, guests pay all the cleaning fees. Unlike other companies, we don’t take anything from your rental income to cover cleaning costs.

Unparalleled Customer Service for Each of Our Clients

Good guest service can help to make or break the chances of someone opting to stay in your home again. We have full-time reservationists who are dedicated to answering incoming calls and inquiries with five minutes, 24/7. Whether a guest has a question before they book, they need assistance during a stay, or an owner needs to get in touch with us, we’re here to assist no matter what time of day or night.

Additionally, our homes are abundantly stocked with high-end amenities, linens, kitchen and pantry items, and everything else a guest needs for a memorable stay.

The summer is the ideal time for a Crested Butte family vacation, offering you the chance to reconnect with nature and your family. If you are planning a vacation to Colorado this summer, you’ll want to get ahead of the crowds and think about booking your accommodation and planning your trip as soon as possible. Our team is here today to share some of our top tips for a Crested Butte summer family vacation, including where to stay and what to do while you are in the area. We’ll be on hand at any time to assist you with booking your vacation and to help you find the perfect accommodation option in the area for your family.


Choose a Vacation Rental With Space to Relax

The summer months are a great time to visit Colorado, but you won’t want to be cramped up in a hotel or resort room during your stay. Instead, we recommend looking at Crested Butte vacation rentals by owner, which will offer you the chance to spread out and relax. If you are planning a family reunion this summer, which we know many people are after the recent pandemic, you’ll have space for all of your extended family.


When you take the time to browse through our site for inspiration for your Crested Butte family vacation, you’ll notice that we offer a fantastic property that can sleep up to 22 guests over seven bedrooms. Even if your travel party isn’t quite this big, you’ll appreciate having the extra space to spread out and enjoy yourselves. With incredible views and spacious accommodation to enjoy, you’ll find this is the perfect base for your Crested Butte summer family vacation.


Experience the Summer in Colorado

June to October is generally considered to be the best time to visit Colorado, as it’s the warm season. The snow will have melted in the mountains by this time, so it’s a great season for hiking. Consider visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Bierstadt, or Mount Elbert. If you don’t fancy being quite so active during your Crested Butte family vacation, then hop in the car and drive through some of the higher areas. You’ll be blown away by how beautiful Colorado is at this time of the year, which is why it’s one of the most popular times to visit with travelers from across the country.


Summer Events in Colorado

Another reason that we’d recommend searching for Crested Butte vacation rentals by owner during the summer months is that there are far more events and activities going on during this time of the year. After the winter, both locals and visitors are excited to make the most of the summertime, so you’ll find each weekend there’s something going on for you to enjoy. Before traveling to Colorado, make sure you search online for what’s going on in the area you are staying in. This will help you to make the most of your time here and immerse yourself in the local community during your stay.


Prepare for the Hot Summer Weather

While the winter in Colorado can be brutally cold, you’ll find that the summer can often be a huge challenge as well due to the heat. In certain areas, you’ll find the temperature reaches up to 100°F at some times of the year, especially near the Front Range and Western Slope. This is a dry heat, so while you may not feel like you are sweating as much as in humid areas, you’ll still need to ensure anywhere you stay has good air conditioning. Keep hydrated when you are out and about for the day and look after young children in this heat. We always recommend taking a break in the afternoon during a Crested Butte summer family vacation so that everyone has a chance to cool off and rest before heading out again in the evening.


Book Well in Advance for a Crested Butte Summer Family Vacation

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for traveling, so you’ll want to make sure you start planning your trip now. Both transportation and accommodation prices will rise as you get closer to the date of your trip, so we recommend checking out what’s on offer to you now. The earlier you can book your trip, the more likely you’ll be able to secure reservations for restaurants and activities you’d like to do on your trip. Don’t be surprised if some of the most popular spots in the area are fully booked if you plan a last-minute trip, as many people travel here each year, returning to the same places they enjoyed previously.


Enjoy Spending Time in Nature

One of the top reasons to book a Crested Butte family vacation is to enjoy some time in nature. If your kids and teens spend all of their day in front of a screen, this is the perfect chance to reconnect with one another and see one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Make sure you plan activities that will allow you to spend time outdoors, hiking and exploring the stunning scenery here. Kids and teens of all ages will certainly never be bored in Colorado during the summer, where there are activities to suit everyone’s interests.


A Crested Butte summer family vacation is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your family and friends this year. We highly recommend booking your accommodation and transportation as soon as possible if you are looking to travel in the next couple of months, as you’ll find that things get booked up very quickly during the peak travel season here. The more you can plan in advance for your trip, the less likely you’ll be to miss out on some of the best things to see and do in the area. Our team will be on hand at any time to help you with booking our vacation rental home, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Choosing a property management company that’s the right fit for your needs is essential for a successful partnership. In order to find the right Moab property management company, you’ll want to consider the services that are offered to ensure they provide everything you are after. Keep reading as we share the top considerations to keep in mind in order to find a vacation rental management company that fits for your needs. Our short term rental experts are available to answer your questions about working together and to ensure we’ll have a successful partnership for years to come.


Consider the Professional Teams A Property Management Company Works With

Many rental property owners don’t live nearby and rely on their Lake Havasu property management company to provide the full-support needed to ensure their home and guests cared for around the clock. We have a team of vetted housekeeping and maintenance professionals who keep your home in like-new condition, performing deep cleans and maintenance between every guest stay. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, nothing is left to chance. We handle everything from marketing and bookings to guest services and property care. We know that every property owner has different requirements and expectations when working together, so we work closely with our owners to ensure we are providing exactly what you expect.


Financial Assistance

A huge part of working with Crested Butte property management companies is receiving assistance with your financials. All of your financials will be tracked with a full-time CPA who is part of our staff. One of the things you’ll particularly appreciate when working with us is that there are no hidden fees or marked-up maintenance costs, nor do we nickel-and-dime our owners. We’ll be 100% transparent with you about the costs associated with working with us from day one. We recommend always asking questions about the fees that another vacation rental management company may charge you, as you don’t want to be left in a difficult situation further down the line when you receive surprise charges.


Marketing Services

An area that many vacation rental owners struggle with is marketing. When choosing a Moab property management company, ask them about the marketing services they can offer. You’ll find these vary from company to company, with some companies taking a more hands-on approach than others. We take care of building your professional listing, including photography, and utilize industry-leading marketing tactics to maximize your ROI. This boosts occupancy rates and gross nightly income to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment property.


Online Exposure to Increase Bookings

To help increase your bookings, we have direct integration with dozens of the top vacation rental listing sites. These include Airbnb and VRBO, which are two of the best websites for vacation rental bookings. Make sure any Lake Havasu property management company you work with offers you this online exposure, or you may find that you don’t receive the bookings you expect from investing in this service.


Friendly and Helpful Customer Service

When researching your options for Crested Butte property management companies, think about the customer service you are offered during your initial interaction. If you find that a team isn’t open to answering your questions and discussing your needs, likely they’ll treat potential customers in the same way. Any vacation rental management company should know how to put their customers first, whether that’s their vacation rental owners or the customers booking the property. Customer service is an essential part of increasing your bookings, so you’ll want to ensure that you receive a friendly and warm welcome from day one of interacting with a company.


Quick and Efficient Communication

As well as testing a company’s customer service skills, look at how quickly they respond to your calls and emails. When you notice that you don’t get a response for multiple days, this is a huge red flag as a property owner. If an emergency was to occur at your property, how would a customer be able to get the assistance they need if they can’t get in touch with a Moab property management company? Quick and efficient communication is essential in this business for you to both gain and retain customers. We provide 24/7 support and respond to all inquiries in under 5 minutes so that no one is ever left without an answer to their questions and concerns.


A Team That Puts Your Needs First

We know that everyone is looking for something different when it comes to working with Crested Butte property management companies. It may be your first time working with this type of service, or you may simply be unhappy with your current service provider. Our team will work with you to understand your unique needs and make sure we can exceed your expectations when working together. We try to treat each of our customers as individuals, as we understand that everyone will need different services from us. This customer service experience extends to your customers as well, who will receive tailored assistance both before and during their stay at your property.


There are many different factors to consider when comparing your options for a Moab or Lake Havasu property management company. Our team will be happy to work with you to ensure you receive all the assistance you need. The aim of working with us is unmatched property care and unsurpassed ROI so that you can see your profits rise year after year.


Are you interested in working with our vacation rental management company? If so, get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the services we offer and how we can be of assistance to you. With many years of experience in the industry, you can be sure you are in good hands when working with us, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to start taking your property bookings to the next level this year.

When it comes to choosing a luxury vacation rental in Utah, you certainly can’t go wrong in this part of the country. However, you’ll want to make sure you do your research to ensure you find the right property for you and your family’s next vacation. Today we’re going to share some of the key things to look out for when researching vacation home rentals in Moab, Utah. Make sure you take a look through our full selection of Moab rentals, which offer something to fit everyone’s needs this year.


Consider How Much Space You Need

When you browse through our luxury vacation rentals in Moab, Utah, you’ll find that there are options to fit groups of all sizes. We know that every family has different needs when it comes to the space they require in their vacation rental. You’ll find there are options for both small groups and large, extended families who will appreciate the additional space that some of our vacation home rentals in Moab, Utah, can offer. We generally recommend opting for a slightly larger property if it’s within your budget, which will allow you to enjoy a little more space to spread out when traveling.


Read the Description Carefully

The description that can be found for each of our vacation rentals listings will help you to fully understand what you can expect from the property. If you don’t take the time to read these, you may miss out on some critical information that could really make or break your experience when staying there. This is especially true if you have very specific requirements, such a pet-friendliness, as you may find that there is a better property options for your needs. While it can be tempting to rush booking your vacation accommodations, take the time to fully understand what you are paying for before making that booking.


Research Your Transportation Options

When choosing between vacation rentals in Moab, Utah, you’ll want to think carefully about how you are going to get to and from your rental in the first place. This is even more important for anyone who doesn’t intend to drive on their vacation, as you may find you are limited with your rideshare and car rental options in certain areas. Research how you will get to and around Moab, Utah so you know whether these are a good option for you and your family. We can also offer assistance with recommendations about transportation if needed to help making planning your next vacation easier than ever. Most of our rental homes offer free townie bikes for exploring the area!


Research the Neighborhood

Where you stay in Moab, Utah can have a huge impact on what you see and do on your vacation. You’ll find that our vacation rentals in Moab, Utah, are well located for many of the main tourist sites in the area, so you’ll have no trouble ticking everything off your Moab bucket list. Our rental homes are located just minutes from downtown, dining, and popular national parks. We always recommend heading out and enjoying many of the local bars and restaurants, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the local area even more during your trip. Need some suggestions? Check out the digital concierge screens in your vacation home or chat with our Reservations team.


Be Flexible With Your Dates

While many families are very set on their dates due to school and work commitments, if you do have any flexibility with your trip, you’ll find that your options for luxury vacation rentals in Utah significantly increase. The more open you can be about when you travel, the more likely you’ll find the perfect vacation home for your next trip. On our site, you can play around with your travel dates, allowing you to compare rates and availability for your next vacation. By changing your stay by just a day or two, you may find different options appear for you.


Read Reviews for Luxury Vacation Rentals in Moab, Utah

Finally, the last thing you’ll want to do before booking any vacation rental in Moab, Utah, is to check the reviews from previous customers. These can give you an honest idea about what to expect when you check in for your vacation. While the owners can share great photos and descriptions of a property, it’s best to learn about the property from other people just like yourself who’ve stayed there before.


Of course, as with anything online today, make sure you read a variety of reviews in order to get a fair idea about how a property really is. The more research you can do into luxury vacation rentals in Utah, the easier it will be to find the perfect vacation home for your family. After your trip, we always encourage you to leave an honest and helpful review for future customers as well. It’s one of the best ways to help other travelers who may be researching vacation home rentals in the area, and we always appreciate it when people take the time to do this after staying at one of our homes.


By looking at the tips we’ve shared above when it comes to luxury vacation rentals in Moab, Utah, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to select the perfect home for your family’s next vacation. The more time you can put aside to research your options, the better equipped you’ll be to book one of our vacation home rentals in Moab, Utah. If you do have any questions when you are browsing through our site, make sure you get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our homes and the Moab area. Our homes truly provide perfect base for your time exploring one of the country’s most exciting tourist destinations! Wherever you stay this year in Moab, we hope you have a wonderful time exploring everything on offer in the local area.

Lake Havasu is one of the country’s top vacation spots, making it the ideal place to gather with your family and friends this year. Whether it’s your first Lake Havasu vacation or you’ve visited the area many times before, there’s always something new to discover. Today we’re going to share our top tips for a vacation in Lake Havasu to help you plan the perfect trip with your loved ones this year.


Discover Our Lake Havasu City Vacation Rental Homes

One of the best accommodation options for a Lake Havasu vacation is a vacation rental home. There are so many advantages of staying in one of our Lake Havasu City Vacation rentals, including having much more space than you would in a typical vacation hotel or resort in the area. You’ll be able to spread out across multiple bedrooms and rooms, making them a good option for large family trips. Our vacation rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, and when you browse through our site, you’ll find the perfect option for your vacation in Lake Havasu. Make sure you read previous reviews before booking any vacation home so you know exactly what to expect on your upcoming trip.


Choose When to Visit Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu has something to offer vacationers throughout the year. Keep in mind that the summer months can be very hot here, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when traveling with children and teens. If you have some flexibility with your dates, we recommend looking at May or September, which are two of the most pleasant times of the year to visit. At this time of the year, both flights and Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes are more affordable, as you won’t be competing with the summer crowds. Try to book your vacation in Lake Havasu as early as possible so that you don’t miss out on the perfect vacation rental for your needs.


Book Your Trip Well in Advance

We highly recommend booking a Lake Havasu vacation as far in advance as you can, as this type of trip requires a fair amount of planning. There are some restrictions when it comes to visiting Havasu Falls, and you’ll want to reserve a permit if you are planning to hike into the canyon here. These are often booked up months in advance during peak times, so make sure you plan in advance if this is something you are desperate to do on your trip. You’ll also want to ensure you are safely set up for a successful hike with the proper hiking or camping gear. In the summer, the weather can be very difficult for hiking, with both storms and hot weather. Keep this in mind if you aren’t an experienced hiker, as this could be very risky for your health and wellbeing.


A Vacation Destination for All Ages

One of the things we notice about Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes is that they attract visitors of all ages. However, you’ll find that at certain times of the year, there are different mixes of ages in the area. The winter months primarily attract the snowbirds, whereas the weekends and summer months see a lot more families and younger travelers. The weekends are always a lot busier than during the week, but whenever you plan your Lake Havasu vacation, we know you’ll have a great time.


Prepare for the Hot Summer Weather

A Lake Havasu vacation in the summer months is a popular option for locals and those from further away, but at this time of the year, you’ll need to think carefully about the clothing and accessories you pack. The weather is notoriously hot during the summer, so look for Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes with a pool. This will offer you a chance to cool down after a busy morning outdoors, as the afternoons are often too hot to be out and about. Also, prepare for flash floods and monsoons, which may make some of your outdoor plans impossible. As with any trip, try to go with the flow as much as possible so that you can enjoy yourself no matter what happens.


Enjoy Active Adventures for the Whole Family

A Lake Havasu vacation is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend more time outdoors. The past two years have been incredibly challenging for many of us, which is why this is the ideal trip for 2022. Enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, scuba diving, and much more in the local area, all of which you can find options to suit both beginners to more advanced individuals. You can enjoy courses and lessons for these activities, which will help you to learn a new skill during your vacation. London Bridge is somewhere you can’t miss on any trip here as well, so make sure you factor in some time for sightseeing on your vacation in Lake Havasu.


There’s so much to see and do on a Lake Havasu vacation, which is why we recommend planning ahead of time as much as possible. As far as your accommodation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. We always believe Lake Havasu City vacation rental homes are the best option for a trip here, as they’ll offer you more space to spread out and relax during your vacation. No matter what type of trip you are planning, you’ll find an option on our site to fit your needs. If you need any further assistance planning your next stay in Lake Havasu, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have to ensure you have the perfect time with your family in one of our favorite places in the world.

If you’re looking to enjoy a summer vacation destination that offers something unforgettable, Lake Havasu City may be what you’re looking for. This lakeside town is known for its bright blue water, picturesque bridges, and thriving riverfront scene. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities, Lake Havasu City has something to offer everyone.

Best Place For Photography in Lake Havasu

The London Bridge, a popular attraction for tourists and one of the most photographed bridges in America, is located on an island offshore from Lake Havasu City. The scenery around the bridge, especially the fountain, provide ideal photo opportunities. Nearby scenic boat tours, boat rentals, London Bridge Beach, picnic areas, dog parks, playgrounds, and other attractions are great places to relax, enjoy the scenery, and take a few pictures.

Spend A Day On Water

Havasu City is a community where boating and river life comes first. The 60-mile stretch of the Colorado River gives residents an uninterrupted view, allowing them to enjoy all sorts of adventures on the water without any speed limit or traffic jams. The people who live and visit here love going out on their boats for watersports, fishing, and more.

Soak In The Sun At Lake Havasu Beach

One of the most popular spots in Lake Havasu City is Lake Havasu Beach, which offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities and beautiful surroundings. If you’re looking for an opportunity to soak up some sun and enjoy some amazing scenery, Lake Havasu Beach is definitely worth checking out.

Speaking of the sun…Lake Havasu is definitely a place you want to see during sunset. It’s an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. The view from the lake is beautiful, and the sunsets are always stunning. Make sure to add this to your list of things to do during your vacation in Lake Havasu.

Choosing Your Accommodations

Looking for amazing  summer vacation accommodations? Look no further than our Lake Havasu Vacation Rentals! Our homes tout private pools, spas, movie theaters, outdoor living spaces, abundant sleeping options, and more luxurious features. Have a large group coming to visit? Our homes sleep up to 23 people! Book directly on our website for the best rates.

Final Thoughts:

Lake Havasu is a popular destination for vacationers year-round. If you’re considering a vacation in Lake Havasu City, our rental homes provide the perfect backdrop to all your adventures on the water and in the desert. You’ll have all the comforts of home while being just minutes from all the fun. Book your vacation here:

With summer vacation quickly approaching, many are busy planning the ultimate summer getaway. 


And why not? Summer is the perfect time for relaxation and recuperation from a long year filled with classes and school functions. With summer vacation, however, there can also come a certain decision paralysis. After all, there are so many gorgeous vacation destinations in Colorado alone—how can you be expected to choose one from the many? 


In this blog post, we’ll help you steer toward the best decision for a summer vacation in Colorado by explaining why Crested Butte is the best Colorado summer vacation destination out there. 


Let’s jump straight in: 


Crested Butte, CO—The Perfect Summer Vacation Locale

Like most Colorado destinations, Crested Butte has some of the most gorgeous outdoor sites you’ll find anywhere. From sprawling mountain ranges to glassy lakes, you won’t find a more breathtaking place. 


So, what sets Crested Butte apart? 


When you choose a vacation in Crested Butte, you have an endless number of activities to try. And as you jump into each one, you’ll find yourself opening up and reconnecting with nature as your mind clears and your body relaxes. 


Curious about what exactly Crested Butte has to offer? Here are a few activities you might find yourself doing in this stunning locale: 


  • Horseback riding
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Mountain biking
  • Golfing
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Paddle boating
  • Rockclimbing
  • Going on scenic drives
  • Attending music festivals
  • Fishing
  • Disc golfing
  • Gold panning


There’s no doubt in our minds: Crested Butte has something for everyone. 


Where to Stay in Crested Butte

The first step to take once you’ve decided to spend your summer vacation in Crested Butte’s great outdoors is to figure out where you’ll be staying during that time. Luckily, the area has no shortage of Crested Butte vacation rentals for you to choose from. 


Among our favorites is the Earhart vacation home. This house is situated at the foot of Mt. Crested Butte where the mountain is in full view from the back porch. It is also only a stone’s throw from skiing, mountain biking, and hiking destinations. Countless activities abound!


This cottage rental sports 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, along with a spacious living area, large windows, abundant sleeping spaces, huge decks, a loft, open sky, and breathtaking views. A truly perfect cabin rental in Crested Butte.


The rental is also deep-cleaned with EPA-approved cleaning products between each guest, guaranteeing a safe, worry-free stay.


How to Book A Crested Butte Vacation Rental

To book this vacation rental for your summer excursion, simply visit our Earhart rental booking page, select your arrival and departure dates, take a look at the fine print, and book! And of course, if you decide to cancel your trip at any time, we also offer full or partial refunds depending on the length of time until your booked dates. 


Visit our booking page now to get started!

Guest Reviews

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Guest Reviews

Peter 6/14/23

Excellent home base for an active vacation. Location was perfect for all of the outdoor activities, and the condo was comfortable enough for hanging out there for downtime!
Entrada at Moab 620/624

Chris 6/17/23

New, clean property - great, open eat-kitchen. Great space for family. Upstairs laundry was an added bonus.
Entrada at Moab 611

Reggie 6/17/23

Fantastic property. The property manager was quick to respond to any texts, extremely helpful. We’ve stayed at these properties many times and will continue to do so. Clean, convenient, and LOTS of room. Extremely happy with the house.
Entrada at Moab 425

Robert 6/22/23

Robert had great things to say about their stay—read on for a snapshot of what they loved most. Now that you and your guest have both written reviews, we've posted them to your Airbnb profiles.
Entrada at Moab 425

Kate 6/22/23

Thanks so much! Great stay.
Entrada at Moab 611

Maria 6/23/23

This home was great for our family vacation in Moab. The house was very clean, kitchen was very well equipped and labeled with everything you need for prepping and cooking meals. The rooms were all very clean and also well equipped with towels , sheets, blankets, etc. The yard worked great for our dog. Highly recommend this lovely home!
Cottonwoods 419

Luke 7/1/23

We had a great stay and enjoyed being close to everything and the house faces the pool which is convenient. Very spacious and we liked having bikes available.
Entrada at Moab 619

Daniel 7/1/23

We came down as a family to enjoy Moab. The house was incredibly clean and comfortable. We love the location being slightly off main street but within a close distance to Arches National Park. Everything about the process was communicated accurately and well. We would highly recommend.
Entrada at Moab 417

Christian 7/4/23

My friends and I had an amazing experience with this listing and the management company responded immediately to my questions! The house was cleaned well and had a great layout for a larger group. The casita adds a whole new dimension to ther fun and the pool and outdoor shower create the ultimate summer experience! Would highly recommend and will definitely stay here again.
Anchor Havasu

Rick 7/6/23

Overall, our stay at Scott and Sarah's Airbnb in Moab, Utah, was exceptional. The immaculate cleanliness, abundance of amenities, inclusion of bikes for the kids, and the spaciousness of the property all contributed to a truly enjoyable experience. We felt right at home from the moment we arrived, and the attention to detail and thoughtful touches made our stay even more special. We would highly recommend this Airbnb to anyone visiting Moab and would love to have the opportunity to stay again in the future. Thank you, Scott and Sarah, for providing us with such a memorable experience.
Entrada at Moab 635